DWCS 2019 Week 9 Breakdown and Predictions

Philip Rowe Contender Series
Credit: CageSport MMA Facebook

Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) is back for its third season and we have a full breakdown of each fight plus predictions for the ninth episode.

This week on Dana White’s Contender Series, we have Bellator and Invicta veterans, a Ring of Combat champion, and more. All fighters except Steve Garcia Jr. made weight on Monday, so it’s on with the show!

Philip Rowe Contender Series
Credit: CageSport MMA Facebook

Welterweight: Leon Shahbazyan vs. Philip Rowe

Tale of the Tape

Leon Shahbazyan
78″ Reach
Glendale, California
Glendale Fighting Club

Philip Rowe
83″ Reach
Ocoee, Florida
Fusion-Xcel Performance

Pros and Cons

Leon Shahbazyan


  • Solid takedowns
  • Good leg kicks
  • Good takedown defense
  • Toughness


  • Too conservative
  • Lack of footwork
  • Doesn’t check leg kicks

Philip Rowe


  • Throws a lot of volume
  • Good Kickboxing
  • Solid submission base
  • Uses feints


  • Does not offer much off his back
  • Will pull guard

Who has the Advantage?

Striking: Shahbazyan
Speed: Rowe
Knockout Power: Shahbazyan
Chin: Rowe
Kickboxing: Rowe
Footwork: Rowe
Wrestling: Rowe
Grappling: Rowe
Submissions: Rowe
Cardio: Even


It’s a hard fight to predict as neither guy really has a ton of footage. Leon has beaten only subpar competition with a combined record (at the time they fought) of 28-68. The one time he fought someone good, he came up short, but it was to a top prospect in Gabriel Green. With that said, you can say the same about Rowe with his level of competition having a record of 6-12, never beating anyone with a winning record. It’s a tough fight to pick but of the footage I’ve seen, I have to side with Leon. If you look at the terrible level of competition Rowe has lost to as a pro and amateur it makes it hard to pick him.

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