After UFC 241 Win, Kyung Ho Kang Calls Out Urijah Faber for Busan Card

Putting together a two-fight streak in the UFC’s bantamweight division, Kyung Ho Kang is looking for a step up at a possible date in South Korea.

Anaheim, CA — South Korea’s Kyung Ho Kang was looking a little worse for the wear after his win over Brandon Davis Saturday at UFC 241. In fact he made his way backstage on crutches, shortly after earning a close split decision victory over the American. The win made it five out of six for Kang, who improved to 16-8, 1NC.

Yet while celebrating, he was doing so through considerable pain. “It hurts really, really bad right now. I can’t even walk right now. In the first round it was okay, but from the third round, it started to accumulate. It kind of messed up my game plan,” he told reporters including Cageside Press.

The fight against Davis may have been his toughest to date. “I felt there were so many dangers during the fight, including calf kicks and other things, but I wanted to win so bad,” he said. The calf kicks certainly left him limping. “Plus I want to evolve every time I fight. That was the main motivation for the fight,” he added.

A South Korean in America, Kang admitted he was a little worried when it was time for the scores to be read. “I was very worried and less secure at the split decision. Because during the fight I hit him a lot, but I got hit back a lot too, especially including calf kicks. I was very unsure about the split decision.” In the end, two judges saw it 29-28 for Kang.

The next stop for Kyung Ho Kang seems obvious. The UFC returns to South Korea this December, touching down in Busan. “First of all, Busan, which is my home town, definitely I want to be on the card. And I want to show the best performance of my life that night,” he said about joining the event.

As to who he would want to face, “I’m winning two or three fights in a row, and I’m deserving to fight [a ranked opponent] in Korea,” said Kang. “If I would name it, Urijah Faber.” Later, he’d add that with a 5-2 record, he’s looking to face stronger competition in order to get better.

The chance to fight at home would mean a lot to him. “It is very, very meaningful, motivating that I’m fighting in my hometown in South Korea. Since I have a good UFC record and performing well in UFC, I know the UFC are going to give me a good opponent for the card.”

Watch the full UFC 241 post-fight press scrum with Kyung Ho Kang above!