UFC 241’s Sabina Mazo on Lessons Learned in Loss, Colombian MMA

Sabino Mazo is looking to take the lessons from her UFC debut loss earlier this year, and apply them against Shana Dobson at UFC 241.

Anaheim, CA — Promising LFA standout Sabina Mazo’s UFC debut was much anticipated earlier this year, but the end result was not what the ‘Colombian Queen’ was looking for. At UFC on ESPN 2 in Philadelphia, Mazo lost a decision to Maryna Moroz. Which means that heading into UFC 241, Mazo remains in search of her first UFC win.

She’ll be fighting Shana Dobson in Anaheim, an Ultimate Fighter 26 alum who is 1-1 in the promotion to date. And heading in, Mazo feels that she is a stronger fighter than the one who threw down with Moroz. “Totally,” she said about learning from the loss. “I think I learned more than I lost. It kind of made me reinvent, and do a new version of myself from my last fight. So definitely, I appreciate what I did. Of course no one wants to lose, and that’s the thing, I don’t want to lose, so I learned lots from my last fight so I can do well in this one.”

Her teammates helped her following the loss with some simple advice: “Keep working. That’s it. You have to get back to the mat, and keep training.”

The Colombian Queen is one of just a few fighters in the UFC from the South American nation, and the only female. Asked about the development of the sport in her native Colombia, Mazo pointed out that “it’s a really new sport in Colombia still. MMA has been growing. I think we’re doing a good job, for this first generation that is coming. It will take time.”

Herself and a small handful of fighters, she added, “we’re kind of showing the path, and it’s opening the doors also for the new generation, because it’s not as common, this sport, in Colombia.”

As for her upcoming fight, Mazo summed up opponent Dobson by saying that “I think she’s a strong fighter, good cardio.” But that won’t stop Mazo from looking for the stoppage. “I want a finish,” she said. “Anywhere it goes. I just want to leave my heart in the octagon.”

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