DWCS: Sarah Alpar Says MMA Like Any Other Job, Complete with Expectations

Sarah Alpar has no problem being asked to drop to a lower weight class, seeing the request as just an employer’s expectation, like any other job.

Las Vegas, NV — Women’s bantamweight Sarah Alpar was one of three fighters earning a UFC contract Tuesday with a win against Shanna Young on the Contender Series. The submission got her into the promotion, but she may not be a bantamweight much longer, at least if Dana White has anything to say about it.

White suggested a move to flyweight for Alpar following the event, and a trip to the UFC PI. Alpar, for her part, took the suggestion in stride, speaking to reporters including Cageside Press post-fight.

“The [125lb] weight class is probably where I need to be,” Alpar said in response to White’s comments. “That’s a part of business. I feel like I’ll be that much stronger at 125.”

Fighting, she said, “it’s like any other job. ‘Here’s your expectations, here’s what I want you to do.’ Okay, well let’s do it. Let’s go. Chicken Broccoli and Rice.” The last bit came with a little dance. Alpar, in short, was elated following the win.

She definitely showed a well-rounded game Tuesday. “I have been really setting my goals toward being a better striker. I have teammates that I follow, I’m just a little ducky — seeing what they do and following that. That was part of our game plan,” she explained. “We changed things up, I needed to be a totally different version of myself and show everybody that I’m a well-rounded martial artist and here to do what I have to do to win.”

As for when she can continuing showing her skills, Alpar said that “I’m just ready to go. I look great I feel great, I don’t have any injuries right now. I came out, I can fight tomorrow if they wanted me to. Let’s go.” Chomping at the bit in other words. “I just want to be there, I want to prove myself and put that foundation that I belong in the UFC and I’m meant to be there.”

Watch the full press scrum with Sarah Alpar from Dana White’s Contender Series Season 3, Week 8 above!