PFL 6 2019 Results: Jared Rosholt Advances With Win Over Satoshi Ishii

Jared Rosholt vs Satoshi Ishii PFL 6 2019
Jared Rosholt vs Satoshi Ishii Credit: PFL

The main event of PFL 6 2019 went the distance, with two strong grapplers in Jared Rosholt and Satoshi Ishii cancelling each other out at times.

Japanese Olympian and heavyweight Satoshi Ishii was a big signing for the PFL in 2019, and he came through in his season-opening fight, picking up three points toward the post-season. At PFL 6 2019 in Atlantic City on Thursday, Ishii, now training with Mirko Cro-Cop, and a Croatian citizen to boot, was in action against former UFC athlete and standout wrestler Jared Rosholt.

With a touch of the gloves, the main event was underway on Thursday, with Ishii and Rosholt going through a feeling out period. Ishii was on the outside, and Rosolt launched a kick that was blocked. Ishii then moved in, threw a bunch, and easily avoided a counter. The pace then slowed again, but this time, it was Rosholt on the outside. On an exchange, he initiated a clinch, and landed a knee on Ishii, but the Japanese fighter was no worse for the wear.

Rosholt, known for his wrestling, didn’t try for a takedown on the Olympian until later in the round, and didn’t get anywhere with it. The first frame finished with Ishii driving the American into the fence.

After not resorting to the takedown much in round one, Rosholt went right for it in the second. Ishii, however, was right back up. Later, it was Ishii taking the American down, ever so briefly. He’d then press Rosholt into the cage, until Rosholt broke free, and in a bit of an explosive moment, took the back, and got Ishii down. He’d add a little bit of offense in the way of punches while still controlling the back, but not much.

Round three saw a bit more action, with both men throwing at points. Problem being, both men were also tired, drenched with sweat. It likely would come down to who had more left in the tank. In the final two minutes, both were trading, albeit mostly single strikes, and nothing was landing clean enough to put the other down. Ishii would initiate a clinch, but Rosholt pushed him off, then re-engaged on his own terms.

In the end, it would go to the scorecards, and Rosholt would take the victory. Both he and Ishii will move to the post-season, in the final two playoff spots.

Jared Rosholt def. Satoshi Ishii by unanimous decision decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)