PFL 6 2019 Results: Francimar Barroso Wrestles His Way Past Ben Edwards

Francimar Barosso vs Ben Edwards
Credit: PFL

Francimar Barosso was anything but the crowd favorite, but he got the job done against newcomer Ben Edwards at PFL 6 2019.

Ben Edwards was joining the Professional Fighters League for the sixth and final regular season card on Thursday in Atlantic City — with a chance to insert himself into the running for a million dollar prize. He’d have a tough go of it, however, with former UFC fighter Francimar Barroso standing in his way.

Edwards opened up this heavyweight affair throwing some heavy punches. Yet despite slinging that heavy leather early, he soon found himself taken down. That gave Barroso plenty of time to work, but he was unable to make anything happen. Perhaps the biggest cheer since the opening minute was when Edwards got back on the feet, but they’d head to a second.

Round two, again, saw Edwards throwing early. Barroso answered, first on the feet, then with a takedown. From there, Barosso went to work again, at times landing some big shots from the top. He was unable to find a finish, and after a few minutes, the Atlantic City crowed was voicing their displeasure. Edwards would scramble free at the end of the round, trying to throw one last haymaker as he did.

Round three saw Edwards feint a little, and throw out his jab, with Barosso answering. Edwards walked him down, and came in with a big overhand right. That got Barosso’s attention. This time, when Barosso shot, Edwards pushed him off. But a second takedown, with a little more steam behind it, put Edwards on his back. Barosso would work for a while, but after a brief restart on the ground, Edwards wound up on top landing some serious bombs as the crowd cheered him on. That would take them to the bell, however. And it was Barosso getting the nod, and three points.

Francimar Barosso def. Ben Edwards by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)