Jason Knight: “I Have That Hunger for BKFC That I Lost for MMA”

Jason Knight BKFC
Jason Knight Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

The always-entertaining BKFC fighter Jason Knight speaks on losing his love for MMA and finding it back at his roots.

Jason Knight is a fighter that never really reached his full potential in the UFC. A fighter that fans loved to watch, a fighter who knew how to entertain, but couldn’t bounce back into the win column. As he puts it, Knight lost the hunger to fight in MMA, a sport he has competed in since his teenage years.

“I’ve done MMA since I was 14. I lost the hunger for the sport, the pressure got to me. I love MMA, I always will, but until that hunger is back, I’m done with it.”

Knight admits to still training in all aspects of the mixed martial arts sport, and that if the hunger comes back he has no problem with the idea of another MMA bout. But for now, he is happy where he is.

“In Bare Knuckle I have that fire right now, I have it big time. I love this, I love everything about it. This promotion takes me back to my roots, back to eighth grade.”

BKFC is where Knight wants to be. He believes he can be a star in the making for this promotion. This comes at no surprise seeing as Knight and Artem Lobov have assumed the roles of big self-promoters thus far. Paulie Malignaggi could also be thrown into that category, but he has retired from the sport.

“Doesn’t matter who or where is next for me with BKFC. I want to be prepared, not rushed or pressured into anything, preparation is key. I get the fans excited for the fireworks I bring, that won’t be any different in the future.”

Knight hasn’t returned to the promotion since his loss to Artem Lobov at BKFC 5. Set to face Leonard Garcia at BKFC 7, Knight was forced to pull out due to injury, but is on track for a return sooner rather than later.

“I’m feeling better than I was. I got injured while rolling for BJJ. Three ribs popped on me. I tried to keep going but they’d pop out every sparring session.”

Knight admits that it is nice to accept he is injured, and heal up to be the best Jason Knight he can be. He believes that in the UFC, between his standing and his paychecks, injuries were not something he ever could pull out for.

“In the UFC, you pull out one too many times and you’re cut. You don’t make much, so every fight check counts, I never really could let myself heal from injuries while with the UFC. ”

Knight is looking for an October return to the ring. As for his thoughts on the other stars in the promotion, Lobov and Malignaggi, who fought in what was the most anticipated fight of the young promotion:

“Malignaggi was the better boxer obviously, but he was scared. He ran around like this was a boxing match. It’s very different. Lobov is a class act, was glad he won and he deserved to win.”

Knight and Lobov have always shared a mutual respect with one another, and that was no different when we asked Knight what he thought of his own fight with Lobov.

“I thought I won, but I’m fine with the result. It is what it is, that’s life, I hope we fight again. Nothing but respect for him. He’s a warrior and I would have loved to fight him five more rounds. I think we both were ready for it that night.”

Jason Knight has been one of those names that MMA fans have been hyping around for some time, and although he may not be in the sport as we speak, he is involved in a new promotion that needs him for the fireworks he brings every time he puts on the wrist-wraps.