Juan Adams and Greg Hardy Make Amends In Instagram Post

UFC San Antonio Juan Adams
Juan Adams Credit: Rodney James Edgar/Cageside Press

It seems as if Juan Adams and Greg Hardy are letting bygones be bygones after their UFC San Antonio scrap, which saw Adams get heated in the immediate aftermath.

After their fight at UFC San Antonio, Juan Adams has repeatedly apologized to Greg Hardy, as well as fans and the UFC, for his actions in the octagon. Now, he’s even reached out to Hardy on one of Hardy’s Instagram posts.

On Hardy’s Instagram, he called for his fans to give Adams a second chance, saying that it wasn’t long ago he was asking for a second chance.

The caption reads: “To all my fans, hey guys let’s give #juanAdams a second chance. I see people bashing him and reacting to his reaction. But let’s remember when we were asking for my second chance. Let’s be the change and extend a hand of understanding and believe he can be better. #GodBless you Juan and thank you for the scrap. #payitforward #princeofwar”

Juan Adams responded in kind with great class. He wrote:

“Thank you. And I know social media apologies mean nothing but I sincerely apologize for the headache I may have caused you. I spoke to your uncle in the lobby and it opened my eyes to a lot. Have a good career.”

The lead-up to the fight

Juan Adams had lobbied for the Greg Hardy fight since coming in off the Contender Series in 2018. With Hardy’s domestic violence charges from 2014, he was in the cross-hairs of many heavyweights in the division, Adams included. After both were a couple fights deep in the UFC, the promotion decided to make the fight.

The fight went down at UFC San Antonio and in under a minute, Greg Hardy knocked out Juan Adams with vicious ground and pound. Upon leaving the cage, Adams was irate and threw his mouth guard into the stands all while throwing a fit over the stoppage, something he now says he regrets.

Both fighters were hit with scorn across the internet, Hardy for his past and Adams for his actions at UFC San Antonio.It seems like both will now be moving on.