UFC San Antonio Results: Greg Hardy Gets Quick TKO of Juan Adams

Greg Hardy DWTNCS
Greg Hardy Credit: UFC.tv

After a big build-up to Greg Hardy vs. Juan Adams, the powderkeg was dampened, ending in a quick, disappointing TKO at UFC San Antonio.

Whether or not either man would call it a grudge match, heavyweights Juan Adams and Greg Hardy were set to have a very heated contest Saturday night at UFC San Antonio. Hardy, of course, was the disgraced former NFL star with a history of domestic violence. Adams, a fellow veteran of the Contender Series, had spoken openly of his own mother being a victim of domestic violence.

So while things remained civil heading into the fight, once the octagon doors closed, fans would be looking at a potential powder keg. However, instead of lighting a fuse, someone doused it with water.

Hardy immediately moved across the cage, and the pair traded jabs. Hardy moved back, the pair would trade a couple more jabs, then Adams shot in for a single leg. Adams was low, the shot was a bit sloppy, and Hardy used a whizzer to defend. Adams held onto the leg while Hardy unloaded punch after punch to the side of the head. While the ref let Adams take a number of blows, he wasn’t moving, just holding onto the shot. With too many punches undefended, the ref had no choice but to wave it off.

A very anti-climactic ending, given the build-up to this fight. Afterward, Juan Adams stormed out of the cage before the decision was read, protesting the stoppage.

Greg Hardy def. Juan Adams by TKO (Ground-and-Pound) in Round 1 (0:45)

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