UFC San Antonio: Juan Adams Broke Weigh-Cutting Habits Ahead of Greg Hardy Fight


Juan Adams weighed in at 266 pounds today for UFC San Antonio, and detailed what made his weight cut so successful this time around, including not having Little Debbies.

San Antonio, TX — Juan Adams is part of one of the more marquee fights of UFC San Antonio, taking on former NFL All-Pro Greg Hardy. Adams has been incredibly outspoken regarding Hardy’s past involving domestic violence, but was all business on fight week.

“I woke up this morning at 272, went and got a quick workout in and I’m under 270 right now. Normally, that doesn’t happen until 12 hours before weigh-ins so I’m 12 hours ahead of schedule. We’re going to try to get a pound under, take in some caffeine, curb the appetite until after weigh-ins and then go from there. Spirits are high right now, I have more energy, more strength than I usually do at this point in the cut.”

After a loss in his last fight against Arjan Bhullar, Juan Adams has re-tooled his fight camp to not be so lackadaisical with his weight.

“It’s definitely a sliver of what’s to come, it’s a huge sign and a huge props to my strength and conditioning coach. He’s told me if I start cuts lighter, I’ll be a lot less miserable. It also has to do with treating this more like a lifestyle rather than an obligation. Before, I would get a fight and be like, ‘Yeah, alright, I get to go get paid.’ But then I’d be like, ‘Crap, now I have to get in shape, do all this.’ This time I started in shape, stayed in shape the whole time. We actually had to stop me from losing weight at one point so I could maintain strength and come into the cut closer to what we normally do. It’s been good. I’m excited. It’s a sign of things to come and I’m definitely going to maintain this going forward.”

The underappreciated part of a weight-cut is what comes after. Rehydration has to be done the right way in order to properly refuel a depleted body. That’s been an issue for Adams in the past.

“I’ll probably weigh somewhere between 279 and 283 on fight night. We like to be 285, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to fuel up to that much. I’ve botched a lot of refuels. I’m not doing my patented Little Debbie intake after this one. I’m a little upset. We haven’t even bought them this time so the temptation’s not there anyway in the hotel room.”

Resisting the Little Debbie temptation hasn’t been easy for Adams, but he knows it’s for the greater good.

“It’s really tough. That was my thing. I’d put the whole spread on the bed, take a picture, and I’d eat all of it. It felt great. I loved it. We’re not doing it this time though, we’re going to stick with Trifecta. I get one meal to eat whatever I want. Even then, I’m focused on refueling and rehydrating the right way so I don’t walk in there sluggish. I think a lot of times, I’ll go in there a little flat because I don’t refuel properly. We’re going to try to take it a lot more serious this time and treat it a lot more scientifically.”

Up until fight week, Adams had been consistent with his trash talk toward his opponent. However, he’s realized that has led to all the focus being on Hardy.

“I regret nothing. I’m keeping the same energy. I’m just tired of seeing his name. Everything that’s coming up Juan Adams is attached to Greg Hardy and that shouldn’t be the case. I’m a great fighter, I’m a very talented fighter obviously, I’m very young in my career and I’ve got a lot of growth to do. So I want to focus on my journey as opposed to how crappy of a person he is. See how awesome I am.”

Check out the rest of Juan Adams’ UFC San Antonio Media Day scrum above.


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