DWCS 2019 Week 4 Breakdown and Predictions

Stephen Regman Dana White's Contender Series
Credit: LFA Facebook

Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) is back for its third season and we have a full breakdown of each fight plus predictions for the fourth episode.

Middleweight: Stephen Regman vs. Antonio Arroyo

Tale of the Tape

Stephen Regman
77″ Reach
Brick, New Jersey
Killer B Combat Sports

Antonio Arroyo
73.5″ Reach
Soure, Para, Brazil
Marajó Brothers Team

Pros and Cons

Stephen Regman


  • Explosive with big knockout power
  • Heavy leg kicks and dangerous knees
  • Mixes punches and kicks very well
  • Always throwing in combinations
  • Good right hand



  • Takedown defense needs some work

Antonio Arroyo


  • Athletic and explosive
  • Fast
  • Good kicks
  • Diverse attack
  • Underrated wrestling


  • Takedown defense needs work
  • Backpeddles too much
  • Leaves chin up

Who has the Advantage?

Striking: Regman
Speed: Regman
Knockout Power: Regman
Chin: Regman
Kickboxing: Arroyo
Footwork: Arroyo
Wrestling: Arroyo
Grappling: Arroyo
Submissions: Arroyo
Cardio: Regman


This is the main event for a reason as it has a great chance of producing absolute fireworks. Arroyo fought last summer on the Contender Series: Brazil but didn’t get a contract at the end. Regman has been tearing it up on the regional scene for LFA, CFFC, and ROC. Both are dangerous guys with 14 combined finishes and 17 total wins. Arroyo has a bit of wrestling and grappling, but not enough to keep Regman down. Both are dynamic on the feet with killer instinct. It’s a close fight, but I think Regman is more explosive and just throws better combinations. It’s going to be a banger as long as it last.

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