UFC Greenville Results: Ashley Yoder Dominates Syuri Kondo

Ashley Yoder UFC Greenville
Ashley Yoder Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

A motivated, determined Ashley Yoder simply dominated Japan’s Syuri Kondo at UFC Greenville on Saturday.

Ashley Yoder entered UFC Greenville having finally earned her first UFC win in a split decision over Amanda Cooper last November. The UFC Denver victory, however, was only a little wiggle room. She no doubt needed another win at UFC Greenville, where she was matched up with Japan’s Syuri Kondo.

Without question, Yoder came out looking to make a statement. Kondo, with a 1-2 record in the UFC, also had her back to the wall, but she was simply outclassed on Saturday.

When the action kicked off, Kondo was on the outside, and Yoder went straight to the body with a pair of kicks. Yoder then engaged in a clinch, and bullied her opponent to the ground, moving almost immediately into side control. She spent a good deal of time working to improve position, but with 90 seconds left in the opening round, she made her move. Yoder took the back, got a hook in, then a second. She looked to slip an arm under the neck, while Kondo tried to roll free. Kondo, however, escaped the round.

As she had in the first round, Ashley Yoder got her opponent to the ground early in the second. This time, however, she was on the back in a flash. Again, however, she could not find the submission. Kondo would work to escape, making it to the fence, trying to post up, only to be dragged back down. Yoder had her back again. But once again, she could not lock in the submission, and they went to the third.

Kondo came out working her jab in round three, no doubt hyper aware of the takedown. Yoder, however, would land a few knees in a clinch and move things to the fence. Kondo would look to latch on with her own choke, however, but Yoder’s head would pop free. Yoder would then move to mount, then take the back, landing some punches while Kondo covered up. Yoder flattened her opponent out. It was a credit to Kondo’s toughness that she lasted to the end of the round, but it was Yoder’s fight.

Ashley Yoder def. Syuri Kondo by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25, 30-24)