PFL 2 2019 Results: Islam Mamedov Uses Wrestling En Route to Split Decision

Islam Mamedov PFL 2 2019
Credit: PFL MMA

Islam Mamedov utilized his strong wrestling to take a split decision over Ylies Djiroun at PFL 2 2019.

Islam Mamedov was the third seed in the PFL lightweight tournament last season after a six-point regular season. The Dagestani defeated Thiago Tavares in the first round of the playoffs, but could not continue to his second fight that evening and was removed from the bracket. Mamedov is on a 15-fight win streak and has a win over Season 1 champion Natan Schulte in his career. Eight of his wins are by submission, and three are by knockout.

Ylies Djiroun comes into the second season of PFL on an 11-fight win streak. The French fighter is 16-4 with nine submissions and one knockout. Djiroun has not lost since 2014.

Ylies Djiroun came out aggressive, landing a left-straight leg kick combo, followed by a three-punch combination. Mamedov ate a leg kick then blitzed forward into a clinch. Mamedov nearly landed a trip, but Djiroun stayed on his feet. Djiroun then had Mamedov up against the cage, surviving a scrambling attempt by Mamedov to get a takedown. On his second attempt, the Russian was able to trip Djiroun down. Mamedov was heavy in guard, withstanding a sweep attempt by Djiroun. The Frenchman then threatened with a leg lock, forcing Mamedov to stand up. The round ended with Mamedov pushing Djiroun against the cage.

Djiroun started the second round with several heavy leg kicks. Mamedov ducked under a punch and nailed his opponent with a double-leg takedown into a guillotine attempt from Djiroun. Mamedov worked his way out and started pressuring from full guard. Djiroun rolled, but Mamedov stayed in control, mounting the Frenchman. He established knee-on-belly, but Djiroun spun out of it and stood up. Djiroun controlled what was left of the round in the clinch.

Djiroun landed a few leg kicks but was soon after taken down by Mamedov. The Russian controlled the great majority of the round from half guard, resisting any spins Djiroun had to offer.

Islam Mamedov def. Ylies Djiroun by Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)