PFL 2019 Week 2 Weigh-In Results: Two Fights Change

PFL 2019 Week 2
Credit: PFL

The second event of the PFL 2019 season will go down tomorrow, and the card faced some changes following the weigh-ins.

The second event of the PFL 2019 season faced some changes after a pair of fighters missed weight.

Both Alexandre Bezerra and Alexandre Almeida missed weight, with Bezerra missing by nearly a weight class. As a result, their opponents (Jeremy Kennedy and Luis Rafael Laurentino) will fight each other instead.

Ramsey Nijem’s opponent, Ronys Torres, was not medically cleared. The former Ultimate Fighter finalist will receive three points in the standings as a result.

The PFL rules state that fighters can still fight when they miss weight, but they will receive zero points win or loss. Neither fighter who missed weight will step into the cage tomorrow night, however.

Official PFL 2019 Week 2 Weigh-In Results:

  • Featherweight: Lance Palmer (145.2) vs. Alex Gilpin (145.4)
  • Lightweight: Chris Wade (155.4) vs. Nate Andrews (155.6)
  • Featherweight: Andre Harrison (145.8) vs. Peter Petties (144.6)
  • Lightweight: Ramsey Nijem (154.4) vs. Ronys Torres**
  • Lightweight: Akhmed Aliev (155.4) vs. Carlao Silva (154.8)
  • Featherweight: Alexandre Almeida* (147) vs. Luis Rafael Laurentino (145.4)
  • Lightweight: Islam Mamedov (155.6) vs. Ylies Djiroun (155.4)
  • Lightweight: Rashid Magomedov (154.8) vs. Loik Radzhabov (155.6)
  • Lightweight: Natan Schulte (155) vs. Bao Yincang (154.8)
  • Featherweight: Alexandre Bezerra* (155) vs. Jeremy Kennedy (145.4)
  • Featherweight: Damon Jackson (145.2) vs. Movlid Khaybulaev (145.8)
  • Featherweight: Steven Siler (145.4) vs. Gadzhi Rabadanov (145.6)

*Missed Weight

**Not Medically Cleared

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