UFC Rochester Results: Charles Oliveira TKOs Nik Lentz in Trilogy Fight

Charles Oliveira
Charles Oliveira Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

For the second time in three bouts, Charles Oliveira defeated Nik Lentz, extending his winning streak to five fights at UFC Rochester.

Charles Oliveira debuted in the UFC back in 2010 with a 12-0 record full of stoppages. The Brazilian started his Octagon run at 2-2 with one no contest (evidently against Nik Lentz) at lightweight when he transitioned to featherweight. Oliveira went 6-2 to start his 145 run capped off by a win over Lentz. “Do Bronx” is 6-4 since the and has submitted his last four opponents.

Nik Lentz is also a longtime UFC veteran, debuting in the promotion in 2009 with a 16-3-1 record. “The Carny” went 5-0-1 in his first six Octagon appearances at lightweight before moving to featherweight following two straight losses. It was the right decision, as Lentz went 6-2 in his first eight fights at featherweight. He is 3-2 since then, with wins over Will Brooks and Gray Maynard.

Round 1

Lentz comes out in the southpaw stance, while Oliveira stands orthodox. The wrestler opens up the action with a hard leg kick. He follows it with a grazing high kick and the right hook. Lentz then clinches and hits “Do Bronx” with a knee to the midsection. Oliveira catches a kick from Lentz, and blasts Lentz with a right hand. He catches Lentz stepping in with an uppercut and a short right hand.

Oliveria tries a Superman elbow that grazes Lentz. The American tries to take Oliveira down, but can’t. They move to the center and Oliveira lands several shots. He throws a jumping front kick to Lentz face. The American takes Oliveira down but gets swept to his back. He eats two big elbows while trying to defend submission attacks from the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. Lentz escapes to his feet and they exchange some shots as the round ends.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 for Oliveira.

Round 2

Oliveira catches a kick from Lentz and hits him with a big right hand. The Carnie takes Oliveira to the canvas but finds himself in a guillotine. It looked like Lentz tapped but then he escaped the submission. Really weird stuff.

Lentz tries to land some shots but then gets hit with an illegal upkick. Referee, Todd Anderson stops the action until Lentz can resume. They restart with Lentz in Oliveira’s guard, but he immediately gets back to his feet.

Oliveira catches a kick once again and floors Lentz with a straight right-hand sending him crashing to the canvas. He follows up with some quick hammerfists and the referee stops the contest.

Charles Oliveira def. Nik Lentz via TKO (punches) in Round 2 (2:11)