Bellator 221: If He Had to Lose, Michael Page Is Glad It Was to Douglas Lima


Losing is never easy, especially for ultra-competitive pro fighters. But formerly undefeated welterweight Michael Page took his loss at Bellator 221 in stride Saturday night.

Chicago, IL — Bellator’s welterweight world grand prix was back in action Saturday night at Bellator 221. The tournament dragged early, but it has picked up steam of late, with fights coming a little quicker. Perhaps the most entertaining bout yet came when Michael Page clashed with Douglas Lima in Chicago. It was a fight that did not go Page’s way, after some moments of brilliance.

Still, Page opted to face reporters including Cageside Press post-fight, addressing the end result. Which he admitted, he didn’t exactly remember.

“I’m completely fine, just annoyed,” Page said of being knocked out at the hands of former champ Lima. “At the time, no, didn’t know what happened. Just had to watch it back. It was more my mistake in how I got up. I think I was getting too much success, and it just boosted my confidence.”

The success came when Page rocked Lima early in the second. Not to mention shutting Lima’s ground game down in the first. “When I was on my back the first round, I was like, you see when I was controlling his wrists, he can’t do anything on the floor even,” Page noted. “So on the way in on one of my shots, he used one of his leg kicks, I slipped. Instead of just sitting on the floor, I’m just like ‘I’m just going to get back up and carry on fight.’ I stood straight back up, and it was a very accurate punch. He’s a person you don’t want to get punched by at the best of times.”

The feeling after was “just frustration. Crash. Just for a minute. Got it out of my system. Watched the fight back, analyzed it.”

The loss was the first of Michael ‘Venom’ Page’s pro career. He seems to be taking it all in stride, however. And he’s glad it came to Lima, if it had to come at all.

“In all honesty, if I could lose to anybody, I’m glad it was him,”  said Page. “Because he’s an amazing martial artist and person. So like I said, right the way through, I said I respected this man. If I could lose to anybody, it would have been him. I’m kind of over it. It’s more about bouncing back now. And what path I should take now.”

Noting that he has the support of his team and family, Page later added that “it’s not over for me. I’m going to enjoy the comments, after this fight. I know a lot of people have been waiting. I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to soak it up, and I’m going to come out and piss more people off.”

And there’s no plans for time off. “Heck no.” Page felt in control in the fight, and sees the loss as a mistake. “You have to have eyes wide from start to finish. One mistake can change that fight around, regardless of how successful you’re being. I allowed that mistake to happen. So it’s all on me. Back to the drawing board.”

Watch the full Bellator 221 post-fight press conference with Michael Page above!


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