UFC 237: Luana Carolina Ready to Represent Brazil in UFC Debut

Luana Carolina UFC 237
Credit: Thunder Fight Facebook

In her first fight in the UFC Luana Carolina gets the opportunity to represent Brazil in Brazil as she takes on Priscila Cachoeira at UFC 237.

Luana Carolina is one of the signees of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. With a win over Mabelly Lima, Carolina did enough to get the contract from the UFC. Now, in her debut, she is looking to extend her win streak to six straight wins. Carolina gets to fight in her home country on the biggest stage in the world now and will look to make a big splash in her promotional debut in UFC 237.

MMA wasn’t a love of Luana Carolina all her life. According to her, it was simply for exercise. “I started training Muay Thai, but not with the thought of competing, but to practice a physical activity,” says Luana Carolina. Well, she fell in love and that little bit of exercise brought her to the largest martial arts promotion the world has ever seen.

The Contender Series is now the most popular way to get into the UFC. With a deal on ESPN, it’s only going to get more and more popular. Luana weighed in on fighting in the Contender Series as well. “Participating in the contest was a unique experience, the best opportunity of my life in the world of struggle.” Now, she has the opportunity to follow what she loves because of the Contender Series Brazil.

At only 25 years of age, “Dread” is doing more than most her age have ever done. She is representing her country in her home country. But, no pressure, says Carolina. She’s excited to be competing in Brazil. “In reality, I’m happy to be able to fight close to people who fall for me. It’s nothing better than fighting with such a positive vibe!” The passionate fans in Brazil are sure to show the most support for their home fighter as she takes on Priscila Cachoeira.

Cachoeira is an incredibly tough opponent for anyone. She’s fought some of the best fighters in the world. Coming from the Contender Series, Luana Carolina knew a fight was coming so she’s been preparing for this for some time now. “I was already getting ready to fight, even before I knew it was my turn. I always look to improve on one thing.”

All eyes are on the main event as Rose Namajunas goes into Jessica Andrade’s backyard of Brazil to defend on her strap. It’s a close fight, and Luana thinks so as well. “Poxa, this is a difficult question. I will be rooting for Jessica but that will not be easy. Namajunas is a very complete and focused athlete!”

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