UFC Ottawa Results: Donald Cerrone Outclasses Al Iaquinta in Fantastic Performance

UFC Ottawa Donald Cerrone
Cowboy Cerrone UFC Ottawa Weigh-In Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

The UFC Ottawa main event was a showcase for Donald Cerrone, who had an excellent striking performance against Al Iaquinta.

Donald Cerrone is a UFC mainstay, holding the promotion’s record for both most victories (22) and finishes (16). The former WEC lightweight also has 21 post-fight bonuses to his name (including his five Fight of the Nights in the WEC). “Cowboy” moved up to welterweight in 2016 and won by stoppage in his first four fights. His momentum slowed down when he lost four of his next five fights. After submitting Mike Perry, Cerrone returned to welterweight and looked excellent against Alexander Hernandez.

Al Iaquinta was part of The Ultimate Fighter’s live 15th season, winning all four of his fights on the show. He met Michael Chiesa in the finale and was submitted in the first round. Since then, he’s been excellent, going 9-2 with four knockouts. The Long Island native was on a five-fight win streak before stepping up on short notice last year to take on Khabib Nurmagomedov for the vacant lightweight title at UFC 223. After losing that fight by decision, Iaquinta had an excellent performance against former top contender Kevin Lee in December.

Al Iaquinta started the fight by standing still in the center of the Octagon, then charged forward with a side-kick. After avoiding a combination from Cerrone, Iaquinta landed a body kick. The fighters collided and Cerrone was caught with a right hand. Cerrone landed a nice body kick as Iaquinta threw a jab. Cowboy went high with a kick, but Iaquinta avoided damage. A stiff leg kick landed for Cerrone, then Iaquinta caught the next one and landed a counter right hand. Iaquinta avoided another head kick then landed a right hand. A left hand caught Iaquinta, but he answered with a four-punch combination that landed cleanly. Cerrone intercepted an Iaquinta takedown attempt with a hard knee, but it was absorbed by Iaquinta somehow despite it landing flush.

Cerrone landed several jabs to start the second round. Iaquinta went to the leg kick several times in response. Iaquinta caught another kick and landed a counter right. A pair of leg kicks landed for Cerrone, one taking the leg out from under Iaquinta. Two heavy right hands connected for Iaquinta but Cerrone marched forward through them. A head kick landed for Iaquinta after a slight stalemate, then Cerrone got another hard leg kick to connect. A right hook-left hook combo landed for Iaquinta then a right that wobbled Cerrone. Time was short, however, and the round ended.

Iaquinta ducked under a head kick in the beginning of the third round. Iaquinta dug in a body punch as Cerrone tried to work his kicks. Jab after jab was landing for Cerrone followed by another body kick. The leg kicks were adding up for Cerrone, then Cowboy landed a heavy left hand through the guard of Iaquinta. Iaquinta answered with a right hand of his own over the top. As Cerrone threw a head kick, Iaquinta swept out his plant leg but could not follow up. A jab knocked down Iaquinta at the end of the round. Cerrone followed him down as time expired, landing several punches.

A front kick knocked Iaquinta down to start the fourth round, then he was somehow able to avoid further damage by using the clinch to stand up with Cerrone. A left hand landed for Cerrone as Iaquinta was recovering. Several jabs hit a welcoming Iaquinta. A left landed for the New Yorker followed by another left hook. An uppercut sliced through the guard of Iaquinta, who landed a right as Cerrone doubled up on a left hook. A right hand landed for Iaquinta but Cerrone blitzed him with a combination. Iaquinta attempted a takedown but Cowboy stayed on his feet.

Cerrone started the final round with a leg kick after the doctor checked on a bloody Iaquinta. Cerrone connected with more jabs but Iaquinta hit him with a hard right. A counter right landed for Iaquinta but he ate a jab in return. A two-punch combination connected for Cerrone but Iaquinta responded with a right hand. Another front kick to the face of Iaquinta followed by a right hand for the Long Islander. A body kick went into a right hand for Cerrone, then a hard left landed for Iaquinta, who was showing no quit. Cerrone landed a combination then avoided a takedown. Cerrone pushed forward with a combination, eating shots with no fear. He threw a flying knee as time expired that Iaquinta ducked under, then landed a heavy shot from top position.

Donald Cerrone def. Al Iaquinta by Unanimous Decision (49-45 x2, 49-46)


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