Darren Till Reportedly Arrested in Tenerife for Stealing Taxi and Trashing Hotel

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Credit: Gleidson Venga/Sherdog.com

Darren Till was amongst a group of tourists arrested for trashing a hotel room and stealing a taxi cab.

Former welterweight title contender, Darren Till, has been arrested in Tenerife according to Spain’s El Dia. Till, along with a group of tourists to the Canary Islands, destroyed a hotel room in Costa Adeje then stole a taxi cab, speeding off as the driver loaded the group’s luggage in the back of the car.

Till and his group were allegedly kicked out of their hotel for breaking furniture and using fire extinguishers. They left the hotel and attempted to get another but were refused service. It was then that they stole the taxi cab. They were apprehended Thursday according to reports.

According to TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter, Adeje authorities were not allowed to give any more information on Darren Till’s arrest.

Till’s Past Troubles

Darren Till started his career 17-0-1, earning him a title shot against champion Tyron Woodley. Till lost that bout via submission, but not before more controversy surrounding the Liverpool fighter. Before the fight he drew anger from fans and reporters, saying he has a daughter in Brazil he hasn’t seen in two years and that he “doesn’t care.”

Before that, in 2012, Till was involved in a fight at a party and was stabbed twice after he confronted a group of men. The knife almost nicked an artery, putting Darren Till’s life in danger. After he recovered, Till’s trainer sent him to Brazil to train with Marcelo Brigadiero, a Luta Livre coach, to stay out of Liverpool, being much of a distraction to Till’s career.

Even more recently, Till lost a devastating knockout to Jorge Masvidal at UFC London on March 16 this year. The fight put Till on a two-fight skid and many wondered how he would bounce back from the first skid of sorts in his career.

It looks as if Till will have to sort himself out outside of the cage before we see him return to the cage. We at Cageside Press hope Till gets the help he needs to straighten his life out.