Welcome to the UFC: Duda Santana

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UFC Octagon Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

A pair of debuting women’s featherweight fighters will square off at UFC Stockholm so we take a look at one of them, Duda Santana.

The UFC is coming to Stockholm, Sweden, on June 1 in the Ericsson Globe Arena. As the card is still filling out, the UFC signed Sweden’s own Bea Malecki. The UFC then signed Brazilian Duda Santana make her debut against Bea on enemy soil.

How Does Duda Santana Fare in the UFC:

Male or female, no fighter should be signed with only three professional fights. There are tough women on the Brazilian circuit, but Duda has beat opponents with a combined record of 4-5. The shining light of Duda’s game would be her output on the feet. She throws out a jab frequently and while she could commit on it a bit more she still uses it well. She also does a good job throwing punches behind her kicks and vice-versa mixing it up well. The Brazilian is wild with her attack, throwing looping and wide strikes. That opens it up for her opponents to easily counter her which has happened already at a low level. Duda has a tendency to just lean her head back to try and avoid punches, but she has been easily hit with some big shots because of that. Footage for the most part is lacking so her takedown defense and grappling is still a question mark. Overall, I think going to Invicta first would have been the right decision as it would be for most females. I don’t see her doing so well in the UFC.

How She Matches Up with Bea Malecki:

Malecki is still very green and inexperienced being another one who should have gone to Invicta first. While she hasn’t had much of an MMA career, Malecki does have a background in Muay Thai being a former world champion. I’m sure this fight will stay on the feet and I believe this will be a good scrap. In my opinion, I believe Malecki has better striking and could be a force in the clinch. Duda has the ability to out-volume Malecki but I like Malecki in this fight.


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