Welcome to the UFC: Michel Pereira

Michel Pereira
Credit: ROAD FC

After a very fun highlight reel made the rounds in the MMA-sphere, the UFC went out and signed welterweight Michel Pereira.

Get to Know Michel Pereira:

Michel Pereira was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He started training in Karate at the age of 12 and started as a professional MMA fighter at only 17. He started off his career 3-3 but now is 22-9. He fought at both middleweight and welterweight but will pursue 170 moving forward. In his long career, he was able to capture a title for Serbian Battle Championship. Pereira trains in various camps in Brazil and trains out of Scorpion Fighting System in Michigan.

How Does Michel Pereira Fare in the UFC:

Michel Pereira is what you call a showman as his athleticism and creativity are off the charts. Pereira is an absolute wild man, throwing rolling thunders, standing backflips, using the cage to launch himself, and all other crazy stuff. Pereira has good basic attacks though like the jab, a teep kick, and a laser of a straight right. His energy will quicky drain due to some of the acrobatic stuff he will throw as shown many times. Sure, he can be fun to watch but if he settles down just a bit he won’t be depleted early in. Pereira is a risky fighter where mainly he doesn’t connect and finds himself on his back. He doesn’t do well with pressure at all as he will leave his hands low while on his back foot. Where he is the most effective I would say is in the clinch due to his good Thai knees. Overall he’s very fun, but not UFC-caliber.

Neither a debut date nor an opponent has been announced.