Welcome to the UFC: Randy Costa

Randy Costa
Randy Costa Credit: Cage Titans

Northeast prospect Randy Costa will make his promotional debut at UFC 236 against Brandon Davis.

The UFC is coming to Atlanta, Georgia, on April 13 in the State Farm Arena. With two titles at the top of the event, the card was finalized with a fight in the bantamweight division. After winning his fight on the Contender Series in 2017, Brandon Davis was awarded a UFC contract. Davis is now 1-3 in the Octagon and now making the move down to 135. Nolan King of FloCombat announced Davis would fight newcomer Randy Costa.

Get to Know Randy Costa:

Randy Costa is living in Taunton, Massachusetts. While Costa trained in some boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling in the offseason of his football career, he wanted to find somewhere to put it all together. With that said, he would find Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts with the owner being UFC veteran Joe Lauzon. After a string of canceled bouts in 2015, Costa finally made his pro debut in June of 2018. He was 3-0 as an amateur and a champion. Now he is 4-0 as a professional.

How Does Randy Costa Fare in the UFC:

Costa is a talented guy, but at 4-0, it’s kind of surprising to see him in the Octagon already. He’s beat opponents with a combined 5-14 record so he hasn’t had a test in the slightest. I do think the Contender Series would have been a better option, but he certainly has potential. Costa is a guy that wants to keep the fight standing, but does have a knockout with his ground-and-pound. He favors the head kick as you will see him throw many times in a fight. In his four pro fights, he has a 100% finish rate with only one of those going past the one minute mark. Costa has big explosiveness in his strikes and has some nice footwork to cut angles. It’s hard to say how good he actually is but he could very well be a big deal in the future.

How Does he Match Up with Brandon Davis:

Davis is a great fighter to debut against as he’s very game and most of the time a crowd pleaser. He also has holes in his defense in general but is very tough. This is a good fight for both guys. Good for Davis because Costa is inexperienced and has not really been tested. Good for Costa because Davis has a lot of holes and has some mediocre footwork and that is where Costa shines. I’m not sure how the odds will look but perhaps Davis will be a sizable favorite with his experience. If so, I like Costa as the underdog.