UFC Wichita: Niko Price Predicts Fight With Means Will Be Violent, But He Doesn’t Plan on Bleeding

Niko Price, UFC Wichita
Niko Price, UFC Wichita media day Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

UFC Wichita welterweight Niko Price is expecting a violent fight Saturday against Tim Means, but he doesn’t expect to be the one bleeding.

Wichita, Kansas — Niko Price is looking to bounce back from a loss against Abdul Razak Alhassan as he heads into UFC Wichita. And while looking ahead, Price is far from over that loss at UFC 228. It clearly still grinds his gears, and he admitted as much Thursday at the UFC Wichita media day.

“I’m not over it until I win again,” Price said of his loss the last time out with Cageside Press and other media outlets present. “So, I’m going to go work on that.”

There isn’t too much to take away from a defeat that happened in under a minute. “You went in there, and got caught. I studied his game apparently a minute too long,” he quipped. “I should have took him down after I hit him with the straight right. Stuff happens.”

Looking back after the fight, “I was just like, ‘it happened that quick?'” The reality is, however, that while it still bothers Price, “you can’t do nothing about it. I can’t go back in time to fight him again.”

Though Niko Price would like a rematch, whenever Alhassan is ready to fight again.

In the meantime, Price is looking ahead to a tough fight in Tim Means. Means has been around the sport a lot time. Price was excited to get the match-up, telling the UFC “I’m down” immediately. “Instantly.”

“It’s going to be a great fight. We’re going to get in there, we’re both going to fight. That’s the great thing. It’s not going to be boring. When we get in there, we’re both going to meet in the center, and it’s going to go down.”

“Everyone’s telling me ‘violence, violence, violence.’ Yeah, it’s going to be violent, but I don’t plan on bleeding,” Price added. “Simple as that.”

Watch the full UFC Wichita media day scrum with Niko Price above! The event, numerically UFC Fight Night 146, goes down Saturday live on ESPN+.


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