UFC 235: Colby Covington Crashes Kamaru Usman’s Open Workout

Colby Covington
Colby Covington Credit: Rodney James Edgar/Cageside Press

Colby Covington had a few choice words for Kamaru Usman at Thurday’s UFC 235 open workouts. If you could hear them, that is.

Las Vegas, NV — You had to know that Colby Covington, once upon a time the UFC’s interim welterweight champion, would not be quiet during UFC 235’s fight week. Passed over for a title shot by Kamaru Usman, the now-former champion (we guess, who can keep track of the interim title pictures these days) had to be sore. So it was no surprise when he turned up at the UFC 235 open workouts, crashing Usman’s.

Maybe crashing is the wrong word. They are open workouts, after all. Key word, open. Still, donning his MAGA hat, sunglasses, and interim title, Covington turned up to shout at the title challenger through a megaphone.

A surprisingly small megaphone. And one that couldn’t quite prevent the welterweight from being drowned out by the crowd in attendance. Still, points for effort, right?

Covington (14-1) capped off a six fight win streak with a victory over Rafael dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title last June. He has not fought since that night at UFC 225, citing injury when a bout with champ Tyron Woodley was proposed. And so the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ Kamaru Usman was given the shot instead. Also 14-1. Also coming off a win over dos Anjos.

Woodley has said he’ll face both men, but clearly, Covington, who has been borrowing from pro wrestling’s playbook for a while now, has something to say about it.