Twitter Reactions: Georges St-Pierre Retires and Bids Farewell

Georges St-Pierre (GSP) UFC
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Georges St-Pierre retired from mixed martial arts officially today, leaving behind a legacy that is hard to match when looking at the all-time greats in UFC history.

One of the greatest MMA fighters has decided to retire for a second time. Former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre has called it a career. And a great one it was. There will always be a debate on who the MMA GOAT is, however, Georges St-Pierre should always be on the top of that list.

This is a sad day for MMA and fans of GSP. He is beloved inside the cage for his accomplishments and out of it for his personality and love of mixed martial arts. Georges St-Pierre is a true gentleman of the sport and if this is indeed a final farewell, au revoir mon ami.

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Goodbye Georges St-Pierre. You will be missed!