MVP vs. Daley: Bellator Fighters Give Their Picks for Bellator 216 Main Event

Michael Page Bellator MMA
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Ahead of Bellator 216, we asked Logan Storley, Erick Silva and others how they see MVP vs. Daley going.

It’s a fight that has been brewing for years. The biggest fight that could possibly be put on between rival U.K. based fighters. And it’s going down, of all places, at Bellator 216 in Connecticut next week. While the locale might be a little bizarre, fans are finally getting Michael Page vs. Paul Daley. That’s all that matters.

The grudge match between the two started years ago, blooming from trash talk to fights being proposed, only to fall through. The pair were even linked to Bellator’s London show in 2017, only for, according to Page, Daley to pull out.

Page was not shy about sharing that news. In a video sent to Ariel Helwani (then with MMA Fighting), MVP said “Paul Daley, for the third time this year, has said he’s not going to fight me. I know, I know, I know. You’re thinking the same thing: that doesn’t make sense! He called me out! But yes. Paul Daley, you’re a disappointment to every UK fighter. You’re a disappointment to every fan in MMA that wanted to see this fight and there’s a lot of people that wanted to see this fight. You’re a straight disappointment. You are forever going to be known as Paula ‘Tampax’ Daley.”

The fight was next planned for 2018, but never materialized then, either. That year, Daley suggested that Page hadn’t earned his place in the welterweight division. On The MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting), Daley said that “[Page] doesn’t know how to conduct himself in business. He doesn’t even realize that he’s been given his career. He’s been given his career, he’s been given fights, and he hasn’t fought anybody. So obviously his self-belief is going to be at an all-time high, but he cannot walk in my shoes on any given day. He’s not made of the same sh*t that I’m made of, so when we get in the cage, his whole world is going to unravel. He’s probably going to be crying at the end of the fight, I’ll say that.”

Now, after years of the grudge match growing and growing, it’s here. On Saturday at Bellator 216, all the trash talk and social media antics will be over. Two of the best British mixed martial artists on the planet will collide. A pair of flashy strikers more than capable of knocking one another out.

It’s not just fans who are eagerly anticipating the match-up. Fighters, too. Here’s how some of the other athletes competing during Bellator’s back-to-back events this weekend see the fight going.

Amber Bell: I do like Daley, I will say I’ve been a fan of Daley for a long time. But MVP, he’s awesome. I envy that guy because of how relaxed and how poised he is when he’s in the cage. He just seems to have so much fun with it. It’s just inspiring, really. A lot of fighters tend to get wrapped up or flustered when it comes to people who can clown around, I guess you could say more or less, when they’re in the cage. But I know MVP is going to bring a fantastic fight. I’m excited to see him come back. Regardless, I do like both fighters, but I do think MVP might take this one.

Ion Pascu: Venom Page. He looks like he has a good record, and he doesn’t have any losses, but Paul Daley has more experience, maybe he can defeat Venom.

Toby Misech: I’m going to go with MVP. He’s more elusive, he barely gets hit. Paul Daley likes to hit, but he also takes hits, so I’ve got to go with MVP.

Logan Storley: I think it’s a very intriguing fight. It’ll be interesting to see if Daley can get inside, and hit him with those big hooks and body shots, and really just control the pace, you know? MVP’s been hard to hit for a lot of people, and Daley’s not really much of a wrestler.

It’ll be interesting to see. I think that MVP probably controls it, sticks his jab out there, the 1-2, 1-2, kind of dictates the pace of the fight. But if Daley gets inside and controls that, man, there [could be] some big shots landed. I think that MVP wins the fight, but if Daley hits him early, it’s a much different story.

Amber Leibrock: Man, that’s hard. I’m excited to watch this fight. I’ll have to go with MVP. I will. I like him, he’s tall, he’s lanky, he’s exciting, he’s unorthodox, I like his confidence. I’m going to go with MVP on this one.

Erick Silva said simply, and with confidence: Michael Page.

If you’re keeping score, that’s a landslide for MVP as far as the pros are concerned.


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