UFC Heavyweight Adam Wieczorek Arrested In Polish Crackdown on “Pyscho Fans” Gang

UFC heavyweight Adam Wieczorek
Adam Wieczorek Credit: Sporty-walki

Polish UFC heavyweight Adam Wieczorek has been arrested in relation to an investigation into soccer hooliganism in his hometown of Chorzow.

UFC heavyweight Adam Wieczorek’s connection to a group of soccer hooligans operating as a gang has landed him in some very hot water. Thursday, Polish police officials announced that Wieczorek had been arrested as part of a crackdown on a group known as “Psycho Fans,” members of which were subsequently facing charges for robbery, assault, drug trafficking, and organized crime.

The Polska Policja identified Wieczorek only as Adam W., but noted his occupation as a UFC fighter. MMApudek.pl was among the first to report the news.

Ten individuals were arrested as part of the investigation in the Polish city of Chorzow, from which Wieczorek hails. According to a Sportowe Fakty article noted by Polish Police, the arrests came with the assistance of anti-terrorist law enforcement officers. In addition to the UFC heavyweight, other supporters of the Ruch Chorzów football club were taken into custody, including Kamil D., founder and President of “Niebiescy” (The Blues) — a support group for the club, which is also the club’s nickname.

Ruch Chorzów was founded in the 1920s, but the darker side of supporters of the club did not emerge until much later. The ‘Psycho Fans’ gang formed in the 90s.

Wieczorek’s association with soccer hooligans is not exactly news. His first fight in the UFC was actually moved from UFC Gdansk over safety concerns surrounding his involvement in the sport’s fandom, and the possibility of violence from supporters of a rival team.

Nicknamed ‘Siwy,’ Wieczorek (10-2) is 2-1 in the UFC. After winning his first two fights in the promotion, against Anthony Hamilton and Arjan Bhullar, Wieczorek suffered his first loss at UFC 230 in November, dropping a unanimous decision to Marcos Rogerio de Lima. He does not currently have a fight scheduled.

The UFC did not respond to a request for comment on the matter prior to publication.