UFC Brooklyn Results: Joanne Calderwood Looks Impressive in Victory Over KSW Champ Lipski

Joanne Calderwood UFC
Joanne Calderwood Credit: Karine LaRocque/Sherdog.com

Joanne Calderwood looked quite impressive in a three-round decision win over ex-KSW women’s flyweight champ Ariane Lipski at UFC Brooklyn on Saturday night.

With the UFC making its debut on ESPN Saturday, plenty of big names were fighting on the UFC Brooklyn card. Among them, popular strawweight turned flyweight Joanne Calderwood. The Scottish favorite was tasked with welcoming former KSW champion Ariane Lipski to the UFC, with an impressive win possibly catapulting either fighter close to a title shot in the wide open division.

No doubt, they’d still need at least another win. But whoever came out on top between ‘The Violence Queen’ Lipski and ‘JoJo’ would be that much closer to their goal.

If Lipski had any nerves ahead of her UFC debut, she certainly didn’t show it. The pair immediately exchanged on the feet, with both fighters landing but ‘The Violence Queen’ getting the better of things in terms of volume. They clinched up against the fence following that flurry, Lipski controlling initially, then Calderwood reversing. Back in the open, ‘JoJo’ held center then shot in on a level change, scoring the fight’s first takedown. She moved into half guard, looking for an opening to slip in some ground and pound. Lipski made it to her knees, but that allowed Calderwood to take the back, at least partially. She tried for a rear-naked choke, but didn’t have it. Instead, she would look to mount Lipski, who was in dire straits and at risk of being caught in an arm-triangle. The ex-KSW champ managed to keep one of Calderwood’s legs trapped, preventing the Scottish fighter from mounting her. Yet in the next transition, Calderwood would take the back, sink in both hooks, and work to find a way under Ariane Lipski’s chin.

Showing an improved ground game, as Lipski moved out of danger from the rear-naked choke, Calderwood moved into position for an arm-bar. Yet time was winding down in the round, and the newcomer was saved by the bell.

A stellar first round for Joanne Calderwood, who was fighting at a level many had always expected her to reach. The second round saw the fighter affectionately known as Dr. Kneevil fire off a kick early, ready to continue controlling the fight as she had to close out round one. Yet Ariane Lipski kept the fight standing early, connecting with a kick to Calderwood’s head that just grazed her, and later landing a left hand. Calderwood would answer with a right, then connect with a jab once, twice as time wore on. Two minutes down in the round, and the fight was still on the feet. A small victory for Lipski, but Calderwood was connecting, taking away from that. Calderwood threw a push kick, then stepped in with a standing elbow.

In the end they’d spend the entire round on the feet, ‘JoJo’ landing with her kicks, her hands, and checking Lipski’s own kicks. For her part, Lipski would connect with a right, and score with a couple of punches, but ultimately, she was being outworked. Especially at the end of the round, where Calderwood had her up against the fence, landing knees and a number of other strikes.

As the flyweight pair headed to the third, it was almost a certainty that Ariane Lipski needed a finish. Calderwood started the round with some low kicks, and keeping her hands busy, connected with a right. She’d later go upstairs with a kick, and Lipski seemed to have slowed a tad. However, Lipski would manage to get the fight to the ground, and get into side control, with roughly three minutes to go in the bout. Calderwood soon regained guard, keeping it closed in an attempt to control her opponent. Once again, Calderwood was displaying a much-improved ground game. She worked to grab onto an arm, looking for the arm-bar.

While Calderwood couldn’t secure the arm-bar, the attempt ultimately killed any momentum Lipski had gained. The bout went the distance, but Joanne Calderwood had a healthy lead, and never really took her foot of the gas, even when fighting from bottom.

Joanne Calderwood def. Ariane Lipski by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)