CES 54 Main Card Results: Champions Tony Gravely and Nate Andrews Make Lasting Impression for UFC Contract

CES MMA Nate Andrews and Bryce Logan
Nate Andrews (c) and Bryce Logan Credit: CES MMA

Two title fights topped the CES 54 card on Saturday in Rhode Island, along with the return to action of UFC veteran Eric Spicely.

CES 54 went down Saturday afternoon from the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. With a pair of champions defending their titles, there were some major stakes for the promotion’s debut on UFC Fight Pass.

Tony Gravely was one of two champions appearing on the card, defending his bantamweight title. We spoke to him ahead of the event, be sure to check that out if you missed it! In the main event, meanwhile, CES lightweight champion Nate Andrews was defending his belt against Bryce Logan.

Kylie O’Hearn Vs. Jessie Miele (Women’s Featherweight belt)

We begin our main card at Twin River Casino with Kylie O’Hearn and Jessie Miele who both are coming off wins. Both of these fighters brought some big time crowds. Round one, and these two are swinging early. Jessie puts Kylie into the clinch and lands a big hook. Kylie isn’t slowing down throwing some big ones of her own, but Jessie lands a clean takedown. Jessie is landing from the top but Kylie is landing some big shots of her own from the bottom. Jessie ends round one in a dominant top position.

Kylie opens round two with a brutal hook, Jessie immediately goes for the clinch and ends up on top. Jessie smartly isolates the arm of Kylie and puts her in an uncomfortable position. Kylie stays calm and works in defensive mode. Jessie continues to dominate but Kylie works her way out, but immediately finds herself back on the bottom. Kylie continues to survive her way into round three.

Kylie finds herself again in a tough position but this time initiates the takedown, finding herself in side control. It doesn’t take long for Jessie to regain control on top. Kylie has taken a ton of punishment but remains in this fight showing immense toughness. Jessie continues using that veteran attitude to control this fight. Jessie does enough to gain the finish with under a minute remaining.

Result: Jessie Miele def. O’Hearn via TKO (Rd 3 4:27)

Josh Ricci Vs. Tateki Matsuda (Bantamweight bout)

Matsuda returns to CES for the first time since 2008, after a two fight stint with the UFC and a pair of regional bouts. He returns to face Josh Ricci, a NY native who last fought at CES 53. We begin round one with a lot of feints but Ricci lands a beautiful take down a minute into the round. Ricci contrails the back of Matsuda and is looking to attack the neck of the UFC vet. With under two minutes remaining, Ricci continues smothering Tateki. For the final ten seconds it is Matsuda who ends up on top throwing.

Tateki opens round two with a big takedown and looks for an opening while on top. He stays busy with some body shots to soften up Ricci. With under a minute and a half remaining the two are stood up. Tateki walks Ricci down but neither are quick to make a strong move. A knee by Matsuda lands and is followed by a submission attempt but with minimal time left the round ends.

Round three opens with some Josh Ricci heavy hands, knocking his opponent down but Tateki is quick to land a takedown and catch his composure. The two stand once more but this time Ricci takes the veteran to the ground and lands some good strikes. The two continue to exchange control on the ground before standing up with a minute left. Ricci and Matsuda continue trying to outsmart the other, Matsuda drops Ricci in the last ten seconds but the fight goes the distance.

Result: Matsuda def. Ricci via Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3) 

Eric Spicely Vs. Leo Pla (Middleweight bout)

Spicely returns to CES after a six fight stint in the UFC, and was facing Leo Pla, a fighter out of Missouri coming off a big win. Spicely’s a fan favorite here with the CES crowd, and begins this one with a nice right hook before going to the clinch. Spicely lands a big takedown and this is a spot you do not want to be with the submission specialist. He gains a postured top control and begins the ground and pound to soften his opponent. Eric Spicely continues with the ground and pound, landing a TKO 1st round victory.

Result: Spicely def. Pla via TKO (Round 1, 3:53)

Co-Main Event: Champion Tony Gravely Vs. Kris Moutinho (Bantamweight Championship Bout)

Tony Gravely is easily on the verge of a UFC call but Moutinho looks to spoil the fun as he looks to become a CES champion. Gravely won the belt with a vicious KO of Kody Nordby at CES53. We begin with a dominant Tony Gravely ground game as he locks up the leg of Moutinho. Gravely punishes Moutinho with some big time ground and pound. Moutinho grabs hold of the arm of Gravely, in a what could be dangerous position but Gravely remains calm. Gravely lands some big time punches to the head but Moutinho again grabs hold the leg looking for a leg lock.

The second round opens with a takedown and Gravely in a top position again. As comfortable as Gravely is on the ground Kris has shown he can stay with the champ. tony Gravely lands some big time elbows and continues the ground dominance. As Kris Moutinho regains his feet, stands the fight up, Gravely takes it right back to the ground. Round two ends with Gravely in control.

Round three opens with some striking before Gravely again shoots and slams Moutinho. Kris continues looking for armor situations but can’t hold it long enough to hold off the champ. The 3rd round was built around smothering Moutinho which Gravely did successfully.

Round four takes a wild turn and Tony Gravely begins striking with Moutinho and clips him on a number or occasions to the point Moutinho goes for the takedown attempt. Again Gravely shows his strength and takes control of the ground position. It seems whenever Kris gains an ounce of space, Gravely is there to regain control. As Moutinho again looks for a leg lock he leaves his face open for some vicious punches which take a toll, forcing the stoppage.

Result: Tony Gravely def. Kris Moutinho via KO (Round 4, 4:02) 

Main Event: Champion Nate Andrews Vs. Bryce Logan (Lightweight Championship Bout)

CES champion Nate Andrews, and one of the top lightweight fighters of New England looks to defend his belt Vs. Bryce Logan, who has won his last 6 of 7 fights. Logan is making his CES debut. Round one of this championship fight opens with some big leg kicks, one that catches Logan in the groin but nothing a couple minute break won’t fix. Logan isn’t afraid to throw any big time punches, and Andrews doesn’t react, continues with his faints. An exchange turns into a clinch and both unleash some punches. Andrews lands a big time punch opening up his opponent, Logan responds with a slam takedown. Nate Andrews attempts an armbar but round one comes to a close.

Round two opens with a few connected Andrews jabs but Logan tries for a leg kick evening the score on the groin shots. Andrews continues landing and stuffs a takedown attempt which turns into a quick submission attempt a win for Andrews via Guillotine.

Result Andrews def. Logan via submission in Round 2