UFC Milwaukee Results: Al Iaquinta Wins Gritty Battle Against Kevin Lee

UFC Lightweight Al Iaquinta
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

The last-ever UFC bout on FOX saw Al Iaquinta once again get his hand raised against Kevin Lee. Only at UFC Milwaukee, they went a full five rounds.

UFC’s run on FOX came to close on Saturday night, and UFC Milwaukee was its sendoff. The main event of the evening saw the second meeting of Kevin Lee and Al Iaquinta, in a rematch from UFC 169 that saw Iaquinta come out on top with the decision.

Lee opened the rematch in Milwaukee with a body kick that was caught by Iaquinta, and they quickly separated. Iaquinta looked for another take down, but Lee stepped away. Iaquinta landed a leg kick followed by a take down attempt, then followed with a spinning elbow that hit the mark.

Lee shook it off. ‘The Motown Phenom’ then went for right hook, but Iaquinta countered with a hard right of his own. Lee started to work the jab and walk down Iaquinta, who fired back with his own combinations. Lee fired a quick high kick that Iaquinta blocked; he followed with a leg kick that hit home. Iaquinta continued to use his movement but Lee kept walking him down. Iaquinta shot the take down again and Lee defended. Iaquinta pressed forward landing a combination that finished with solid short left hook. Lee landed a counter right that Iaquinta responded to with a left. Iaquinta landed a solid leg kick, followed by right that missed the target. Iaquinta shot the take down late in the round, almost getting the back of Lee but he was quick to escape and round came to an end.

Lee fired a head kick that was blocked as the second started out. He followed it with a left that was countered by Iaquinta with a left of his own. Iaquinta landed a leg kick and Lee responded with a hook that missed. Lee shot the take down, eventually landing the take down. He trapped Iaquinta, and started dropping punches. Iaquinta looked to escape but Lee took his back and sunk in the hooks, then transitioned to a body triangle. He rolled and started to again pummel Iaquinta from his back. Iaquinta defended well as Lee looked for the choke. Iaquinta spun free, and they were back to their feet.

Iaquinta landed a solid right counter and Lee looked to be backing up now. Iaquinta pressed the action. Lee fired a leg kick that landed and Iaquinta responded with hard punch to the body of Lee. Iaquinta followed it up with a pair of stiff jabs. Lee tried to press forward with a body kick, but Iaquinta countered. Lee fired another kick and again Iaquinta countered. Iaquinta pressed forward and the two exchanged one last time ad the round came to a close.

The action would continue at an impressive pace, with both fighters proving they’d come to fight — and as a byproduct, put on a show.

Iaquinta pressed the action from the opening of the next round, backing Lee up. Lee fired back with a right that landed but was countered with a hard right from Iaquinta on his next attempt. Lee landed body kick on Iaquinta but he continued to press forward. Iaquinta landed a nice straight right down the middle. Lee fired back with a right but Iaquinta again countered. Iaquinta faked the punch and looked for the take down that missed. Lee answered with his own take down on Iaquinta, who was quick to work way back up, but Lee had his back and looked to drag Iaquinta back to the mat.

The fourth saw Al hurt Lee early; he began landing right hands right on the money. A head kick followed, just clipping Kevin Lee. No stanky-leg dance this time, unlike Atlantic City. Iaquinta continued to walk Lee down, using his left hand to make space, then firing a leg kick. Pawing with that left forced Lee to move to the side, while Iaquinta would cut off the cage. He’d land another right, and Lee was cut open. Iaquinta was certainly taking control in the fourth.

The final frame saw Lee take center and open with a pair of lefts followed by a right. Lee shot the take down but Iaquinta defended and got managed to get his opponent to ground. They scrambled to their feet and Lee stayed on Iaquinta pressing him into the fence, with both men looking to advance position. Iaquinta defended and broke free. He landed a nice jab but Lee fired back with hard body kick that was caught and countered by Iaquinta. Lee fired back with a right but Iaquinta returned with body shot followed by a hard hook that hurt Lee. Iaquinta pressed the action with a big right hand and Lee fired back. Iaquinta stalked Lee then, as he had earlier in the fight, landing another right follow by another. Lee retreated and Iaquinta landed a front kick and another right as Lee backpedaled again. The horn sounded to end the action and the fight, and what a main event it was.

In the end, Iaquinta earned the unanimous decision. But what a fight to close out the FOX era!

Al Iaquinta def. Kevin Lee by unanimous decision (48-47 48-47 49-46)

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