UFC Adelaide Fight Pass Preliminary Results and Recap

UFC Auckland Mizuto Hirota
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A pair of lightweight duels kicked off the action down under at UFC Adelaide, as the UFC returned to Australia over the weekend.

UFC Adelaide (or UFC Fight Night 142) was a showcase for heavyweights and light heavyweights. Taking place in Adelaide, Australia on Saturday (Sunday local time), the card was topped by rising prospect Tai Tuivasa facing former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. Also on the card, the last hurrah in the UFC for Mark Hunt, as he took on Justin Willis.

Light heavyweight legend and former champ Shogun Rua, meanwhile, was back in action against Tyson Pedro.

Yet before the big men went off to war, the smaller weight classes were featured. Starting with a pair of lightweight bouts. Japan’s Mizuto Hirota took on Christos Giagos, who was looking for his first win of his second run in the UFC on the weekend. That served as the early prelims featured fight.

Alex Gorgees vs. Damir Ismagulov

It didn’t take long for Damir Ismagulov to get his hands going on Saturday, landing a cracking right hand early in the first. Another right, less effective, came moments later, but a bodylock takedown then landed Ismagulov on top of Gorgees. He moved to half guard, and had plenty of time to work. Ismagulov would keep the pressure on, but eventually back off; Gorgees threatened with an upkick, but Ismagulov was soon driving him into the fence again. Heading to the second, Ismagulov was in control.

He came out firing again in round two, while Gorgees answered back with kicks. He easily avoided a takedown attempt, but it wasn’t long before Ismagulov had the fight down and was on top anyway. Working from half-guard he peppered Gorgees with ground n’ pound. Gorgees could neither create enough space to scramble free, nor convince the ref to stand the pair up, while Ismagulov continued to try to pass to mount, or at least land punches. Ismagulov finally stood up, backed off, then launched a big right hand while Gorgees remained on his back.

Ismagulov got a little wild in the third round, opening the frame with jumping and spinning attacks. The two then engaged in a little trash talk and showmanship before Ismagulov shot for and landed a takedown. He’d score another a little later, with a full three minutes remaining in the fight. Again, Ismagulov was in half guard. He worked to trap an arm of Gorgees, landed a few blows to the body and head, but failed to improve position or finish. That frustrated Gorgees, who looked to the ref for a reprieve but found none. Finally trapping an arm, Ismagulov briefly began unloading punches, but eventually the fight was stood up. However, as the final minute ticked away, the victor was already clear.

Damir Ismagulov def. Alex Gorgees by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-26)

Mizuto Hirota vs. Christos Giagos

Mizuto Hirota held center early in the second fight at UFC Adelaide. However, a right hand from Giagos rocked him, as it landed on the chin. Giagos then turned up the pace, going on the offensive, but Hirota recovered. Giagos, recognizing the opportunity had come and gone, switched instead to a takedown, getting Hirota to the canvas and pulling his legs out from under him, trapping him against the fence. Though they’d go back to the feet, Giagos would land the takedown again, though Hirtoa would briefly threaten with a guillotine. Giagos would pull free, and manage to control the bulk of the time remaining.

Round two saw Hirota on his back early again, with Christos Giagos working the Japanese fighter over from guard. Hirota was unable to escape, or work for a submission. By the time Hirota made it to the fence and back to his feet, there was just over two minutes left in the frame. And as quickly as he was up, Giagos had him down again. More ground and pound followed; it didn’t come close to a finish, but Hirota did finally manage to both escape up to his feet, and go on the attack. A knee and several hard punches got Giagos’ atttention, with Hirota looking for a stoppage. Heading into the third and final round, Hirota would need just that.

Hirota briefly found himself on top in round three, only to wind up reversed, but a scramble would see both men back on their feet. Giagos would continue to pressure his opponent, winning the bulk of the grappling exchanges. He had Hirota down against the fence, and as Hirota worked to stand up, Giagos pulled his leg out from under him. Hirota would eventually manage to get a front headlock on Giagos and use it to move back up landing a knee and a couple of strikes as Giagos, looking a little tired, worked to neutralize his opponent once more. Hirota, however, would finish the round on top dropping ground n’ pound, and while better late than never, it wouldn’t make a difference.

Christos Giagos def. Mizuto Hirota by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-28)

Check back come fight time for updates including results and a recap of all the action from the UFC Adelaide (UFC Fight Night 142) early prelims. The fights kick off at 7PM EST!

UFC Adelaide (UFC Fight Night 142) Fight Pass Preliminary Results:

Christos Giagos def. Mizuto Hirota by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-28)
Damir Ismagulov def. Alex Gorgees by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-26)


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