Accused In Ryan Jimmo Case Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter

Ryan Jimmo
Ryan Jimmo Credit: TJ De Santis/

Canadian light heavyweight Ryan Jimmo’s life was cut short two years ago in a callous and cowardly act. Now, the man responsible for his death has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Two years after UFC light heavyweight Ryan Jimmo’s life was tragically cut short, the man responsible for his death has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Anthony Getschel ran Jimmo down in a parking lot near an Edmonton bar in June 2016. Jimmo, whose career ended with a record of 19-5, shared the record for the second-fastest knockout in UFC history (seven seconds). The inaugural MFC light heavyweight champion, he competed on The Ultimate Fighter 8, and later debuted in the UFC in 2012.

Canada’s CBC reported details on the case, including a rundown of the agreed statement of facts between the Crown (prosecutor) and defense. The plea was entered Monday.

Getschel, who was unknown to Jimmo, had originally been charged with second degree murder. The incident occurred on June 26 of 2016, following a night of drinking for Getschel. Booted from the Cook County Saloon for fighting, along with his girlfriend and a friend, Getschel wound up tailing Jimmo’s jeep and following it to a nearby parking lot. That led to a confrontation between Jimmo, who was with his fiance, and Getschel, who was driving his own truck. Getschel stayed in his vehicle, while he and Jimmo exchanged words. When Jimmo turned his back and walked away, Getschel ran him down.

That cowardly act was worsened when Getschel left the scene, resulting in an additional hit and run charge, which the accused has also pleaded guilty to. He later hid his truck, removed the license plates, and ordered replacement plates in an attempt to cover up his tracks. He told family members his truck had been stolen, and reported the plates as stolen as part of the lie.

Having pleaded guilty to both manslaughter and the hit and run charge, Getschel will return to court on December 3 for sentencing.

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