UFC Beijing Results: Li Jingliang Finishes David Zawada In Third

UFC Shanghai Li Jingliang
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Li Jingliang extended put together a two-fight win streak at UFC Beijing on Saturday, overcoming some early adversity and finishing David Zawada in the third round.

Kicking off the main card in Beijing on Saturday was Chinese welterweight and fan fave Li Jingliang, looking to make it two wins in a row in one of the UFC’s deepest divisions. At 7-3 in the UFC and willing to engage in stand-up wars, ‘The Leech’ was a fighter who appealed to fans around the globe. After earning a unanimous decision win against Daichi Abe at UFC Singapore earlier this year, Jingliang was hoping to make it two straight, and six of his last seven, against David Zawada.

Zawada held center early, looking to fire off some powerful shots. ‘The Leech’ circled away and stayed light on his feet, constantly moving, looking for a way inside. Jingliang was no doubt China’s most high-profile fighter, and the crowd was behind him, but he was dropped just about a minute in, with Zawada looking to get on top. The Chinese fighter survived, however, and turned the tables on David Zawada moments later, securing a takedown. He’d trap an arm and look to land punches to Zawada’s face. Zawada would manage to free an arm and slowly work his way back up, pushing Jingliang back int othe center of the cage. That allowed Zawada to land another right hand, then shoot for a takedown; Jingliang stuffed that but ate a knee for his efforts. Li Jingliang’s chin was certainly being tested in the first, but he’d finish the round fighting off a takedown.

Round two saw Jingliang change levels, only to be shook off by Zawada. As the action continued, there was a more disciplined, back-and-forth approach from both fighters. Zawada spent more time on the outside that he had in the first, but he was able to catch Jingliang coming in. For his part, the Chinese welterweight was able to work over Zawada’s lead leg, though not enough through two rounds to really impact his mobility. Jingliang finished the round backing Zawada up, tagging him, though he’d fire off a punch or two late, completely invested in the attack.

Li Jingliang moved forward firing off combinations to open the third, and began to take control of the fight, as Zawada was on his heels through the first two minutes. He’d try to regain some momentum, charging in only to eat a blow from Jingliang. The finish came shortly after. Li Jingliang landed a nasty side kick to the solar plexus. Zawada crumpled to the canvas, eating a few more blows before the ref waved it off.

Li Jingliang def. David Zawada by TKO, Round 3, 4:07