UFC Argentina Results: Ian Heinisch Earns Decision Over Cezar Ferreira

Ian Heinisch
Ian Heinisch Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

In a highly entertaining three round battle at UFC Argentina, Ian Heinisch took home a hard-fought decision against Brazil’s Cezar Ferreira.

UFC Argentina went down Saturday night from Estadio Mary Terán de Weiss in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Midway through the main card, fans were treated to an exciting welterweight clash when Cezar Ferreira and Ian Heinisch threw down for three rounds. This was the UFC debut for Heinisch, after he won in impressive fashion on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.

Heinisch opened with a leg kick and Ferreria answered back with his own. The two circled each other until Ferreira shot for a take down and quickly got Heinisch to the mat. Heinisch was quickly up to his feet, and Ferreira stuck with him, but he eventually was able to break free. Ferreira continued to work the leg kicks. Heinisch continued to press the action and utilize his moment until Ferreira rushed forward and looked for the take down again. Heinisch defended and surprisingly jumped guard as he looked for the Guillotine. Ferreira defended that sub attempt well and broke free. He was now on top of Heinisch, but Heinsch was already looking for the arm-bar. Ferreira defended but Heinisch reversed him, rolling Ferreira to the mat as he strained to get the submission. Ferreira held on as the horn sounded ending the round.

Ferreira opened the second with a head kick then shot the take down. Heinisch defended but Ferrieira stuck with it and took him to the mat. Heinisch again was quick to attack from bottom and looked to lock in a Kimura, but they scrambled to their feet and engaged again. Heinisch landed a leg kick and Ferreira fired back a head kick that missed the mark. Heinisch continued to press the action as he stalked Ferriera around the octagon. Ian Heinisch next landed a pair of leg kick before Ferreira shot the take down again and dropped Heinisch to the mat. This time Heinisch popped back up to his feet in a flash and they engaged again. Heinisch looked to be shaking his left hand out, possible favoring an injury. Nonetheless Heinish landed a hard right that dropped Ferraeira, he jumped in looking to finish but there wasn’t any time left on the clock and the horn sounded to end the round.

Heinisch came out and threw the left early in the third; Ferreira responded with a take down attempt that Heinisch was quick to get back to his feet from. They worked against the cage where they fought for position and Heinisch landed an elbow on the way out. The pair briefly engaged and clinched by the cage again. Ferria looked for the take down but Heinisch defended and hurt Ferreiras with a punch on the way out. He pressed in on a hurt Ferreira, taking him to the mat and landing more punches. Ferriera got to his feet and Heinisch landed a knee for good measure followed by a punch combination but Ferriera held on and locked in the clinch again. They broke away and Heinisch looked to engage once more, landing another combination and knocking Ferriera into the cage. The pair both gave everything they had left in the tank, throwing shots as the round came to a close.

Going to the scorecards, all three judges awarded the bout to Ian Heinisch.

Ian Heinisch def. Cezar Ferreira by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)