UFC Denver’s Mike Perry: Only Record Donald Cerrone Will Break Is Most Walks

Forget about most wins or head kick knockouts: Mike Perry says the only record Donald Cerrone is breaking at UFC Denver is most walks to the octagon.

Denver, CO — Mike Perry has been vocal about his weight cut heading into UFC Denver. In short, Perry wasn’t exactly dieting as well as normal in advance of fight week. That left him a little heavier than usual, but Perry told reporters including Cageside Press on Thursday that he’s not foreseeing any issues. He also had a little something to say about Donald Cerrone’s chance at the record books. The pair face off in the co-main event of this weekend’s historic show, which marks the UFC’s 25th anniversary. Cerrone also has a shot at becoming the winningest fighter in the UFC if he gets the better of Perry.

On the weight cut front, ‘Platinum’ Mike said that “it shouldn’t be no big deal, bro. Hit the bathtub tonight, hit like six or seven pounds. Probably less.” Perry insisted that “I never miss weight tho, baby. I’m good at this sh*t.”

When it comes to Cowboy Cerrone, whose style Perry mimic’d a day earlier at the open weigh-ins, Perry kept a level head. Mostly. “I seen some videos of him. He been talkin’ a little,” Perry began. “He ain’t been talking too wild since he been out here, but there was a video he did when they came to Albuquerque, and they released that one yesterday I think. He was talking kinda shit on that, boy. I told him, keep that same energy Saturday night. If that’s how it’s going to be.”

The welterweight then inquired if the pair were scheduled to come face-to-face during the media day. “I dunno, are we facing off today? I’d love to get close. Up close and personal.”

Unfortunately for Perry, anyway, they were not. “I’m always down. We can fight today, tomorrow, and Saturday.”

Informed Cerrone had suggested the pair fight for an inaugural 165lb title, Perry scoffed. “This weekend? Well he can kiss my *ss. I’m going to weigh in at a solid 171.”

Yet Perry certainly has respect for his upcoming foe. Asked whether he sees Cowboy in the same light as Georges St. Pierre and Michael Bisping, who he could pass in the record books, Perry answered “absolutely. Absolutely.”

“I’m turned all the way up for this. This is the best Cowboy y’all ever going to see.” Having said that, however, Perry feels he’s peaking as well, as he added “But this is the best Platinum Mike Perry that the world has ever seen, and that’s all you’re going to need. I’m going to take over the show, I’m going to do what I’ve got to do, and I’m going to get that knockout win, I’m going to get that $50,000 bonus.”

As for Cerrone’s attempt at history, “the only record he’s going to break is the most walks.”

To Perry, Cerrone wanted the fight for one reason. “When we sparred and I took it easy on him, he thought that this could be a win that gets him the most wins, and all this. He thinks that I keep my hands low,” Perry suggested, but countered that “his foot isn’t going to reach around my big shoulders. I’m sorry. My neck is hidden, I’m like a little turtle in here. There’s no way. That’s why y’all never seen me knocked out.”

“Come on, man. We already know my chin’s platinum,” he finished.

The full UFC Denver media day scrum with Platinum Mike Perry is available above. The event takes place at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO on Saturday, November 10.