UFC Moncton: Pros Including Jon Jones React to Anthony Smith’s Submission of Volkan Oezdemir

Anthony Smith, UFC Moncton UFC Jacksonville
Anthony Smith, UFC Moncton Post-Fight Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Anthony Smith topped the night in a big way at UFC Moncton, battling it out with Volkan Oezdemir for the better part of three rounds before locking in a submission.

The crowd in Moncton on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 138 was heavily in favor of Anthony Smith. He did not disappoint. But before his submission win over Volkan Oezdemir, one that may have put ‘Lionheart’ in reach of a title shot, he took an awful lot of damage. Not the least of which was from a hellish barrage of leg kicks. It was a great end to UFC Moncton.

Smith was himself battered early, forced to backpedal, escape, and otherwise outlast the power of Oezdemir. Early takedown attempts were futile. Oezdemir staved them off with ease. Yet as the bout wore on, cardio became a factor. Oezdemir began to show signs of fatigue. He’d been bloodied himself, and Smith went from prey to predator. In the third, the takedown was there where it had not been before. And once the fight was on the ground, he took the back, sunk in his hooks, and after what seemed like an eternity, forced the tap from Oezdemir.

The pros react, they always do, but one stood out among the rest. Jon Jones, soon to be fighting for the light heavyweight title come year’s end. A fight Smith very much wants. See his reaction, and the rest, below.