PFL 9’s Natan Schulte Says Controversial Decision Over Chris Wade Was Fair

PFL 9 was not without its controversy, in this case coming in the form of a split decision between Natan Schulte and Chris Wade that left the latter feeling robbed of a shot at a million dollars.

Long Beach. CA — Natan Schulte was the first seed at lightweight heading into the PFL playoffs on Saturday. And he emerged from PFL 9 in Long Beach victorious, having fought to a draw with Johnny Case that allowed him to advance in the PFL tournament, then defeating Chris Wade by split decision. The defeat of Wade, however, was not without its controversy.

On paper, Wade dominated in nearly every category outside takedowns. Officially, Schulte had to of those, while Wade had none. The stand-up game, however, at least as far as the stats were concerned, was not close.

Asked post-fight following PFL 9 on Saturday about the decision, Schulte admitted (via translator) that he “was a little bit nervous when they started to call for the split decision. But he felt like he put more pressure [on Chris Wade].” When it came down to it, the Brazilian lightweight felt that he “was able to do what he wanted to do, and the result was fair.”

As for the jawing between the two during the fight, “there was nothing personal, it was more [Wade] was trying to get into his head, he wasn’t bothered by it. He was able to impose his game, and that’s what he was worried about, he wasn’t worried about what the other guy was saying.”

Schulte now moves into the PFL 2018 lightweight finals, opposite Rashid Magomedov. The pair actually train together — as training partners, not just fighters in the same gym. As such, they drill together, spar together, so things may get a little awkward in the coming months. “There’s nothing they can do about it, they’re going to have to get it done,” was all Schulte could really say, admitting that it’s “going to be a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s business.”

The pair will take care of that business, and “then after they can be back to being friends again.”

The PFL 2018 season finale takes place on New Year’s Eve at New York’s Madison Square Garden.