UFC Lincoln Results: James Krause Finishes Warlley Alves After Crushing Knee

James Krause and Warlley Alves, UFC Lincoln
James Krause and Warlley Alves, UFC Lincoln Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

A fairly awkward, back-and-forth first round gave way to a crushing knee in the second as James Krause finished off Warrlley Alves at UFC Lincoln.

Welterweight’s James Krause and Warlley Alves faced off tonight when the UFC visited Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. Both men stepped into the octagon at UFC Lincoln riding winning streaks, with Krause having won his last four and Alves getting the upper hand in his last two fights.

Alevs opened with a body kick that Krause answered with a right; the two collided and Krause was taken down — but was quickly back to his feet. They briefly hit the mat again then moved to the clinch against the fence. The two fought for position, which Krause reversed, pressing Alves into the fence. They’d break moments later and exchange in the center until Alves caught Krause and dropped him to the mat. Alves let him back up, however, and they continued to exchange. Krause started working the jab as Alves looked to land some power shots. Krause landed multiple one-two combos, and Alves looked to land that one big shot. Alves settled for moving forward, securing the clinch against the fence and going to work. They’d break again and Alves continued to look for the big shot — but while he threw with power, he was mostly missing the mark.

In the second, Alves opened with a high kick that Krause blocked, but Alves pressed forward throwing leather that made Krause retreat. They ended up in the clinch, where both men looked to improve position. James Krause was bloodied from the previous exchange. The break came, and Alves just missed the mark. Krause fired a high kick that missed but he quickly went for the take-down; Alves popped back up in mere moments. Krause, however, was ready with a knee. That knee slipped upward, nearly straight up, catching Alves on the chin. That rocked Alves! Krause moved in with a flurry of punches that badly hurt Alves. He couldn’t escape, forcing the ref to jump in and call an end to the fight. Alves, while still standing, was clearly out, and didn’t put up much of a protest.

James Krause def. Warlley Alves by KO, Round 2, 2:28