Juan Adams Aiming to Debut Later This Fall in UFC Heavyweight Division

Juan Adams DWTNCS
Juan Adams Credit: UFC.tv

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series has produced some exciting young talent, but none bigger from a physical standpoint than Juan ‘The Kraken’ Adams.

Twenty-six year old Juan Adams stands an imposing 6’5 and cuts weight to make the heavyweight limit of 265 pounds. His complete destruction of Shawn Teed on week seven of the Contender Series earned him a UFC contract. But as Dana White himself alluded to, Juam Adams has the total package when it comes to the modern era of mixed martial arts. Perhaps that’s why White said this after “The Kraken’s” Contender Series fight: “We’re taking Juan Adams, I love that guy. How could you not?”

Just about the highest form of compliment you can hope for coming from your boss. But as Adams see’s it he is just getting started.

“Things have changed a lot,” Adams said when asked about his life before and after the Contender Series. “I’ve been doing a lot more interviews and people definetly recognize me a lot more. It’s just a different level of respect you get from other fighters and the media, to have that UFC label its great it’s a good thing.”

If you are a fan of Adams then you already know of his sense of humor and his ability to roll with the punches (pun intended). But Adams does have his fair share of haters, a fact that doesn’t bother him too much.

“There were a few haters online afterward but the pros definitely outweigh the cons,” Adams said. “They [the haters] watch the UFC and now I’m in the UFC so apparently we know what we’re doing.”

Indeed Adams knows exactly what he is doing. Having already spent time training with the #3 ranked heavyweight in the UFC, Curtis ‘Razor’ Blaydes, ‘The Kraken’ knows just where his skill set lines up with the best in the world.

He also knows how crazy the MMA game can get, having trained with a fighter who should rightfully be seeing the next title shot. Yet since that isn’t happening with Brock Lesnar set to return, Blaydes has instead been calling out ex-champ Stipe Miocic.

“Curtis Blaydes is a great guy,” Adams exclaimed. “I think Curtis has been due for a title shot for a while. I think its crazy how some of these antics play into it because Curtis and Stipe are both great guys; they’re both old school martial artists so they don’t really play the whole social media game. But it is great to see Curtis coming out of his shell a little bit and asking for what he thinks is his.”

As for when he might make his own trip to the UFC octagon, Juan Adams would like to make his official UFC debut in the Fall.