Pros React, Scathingly, to Brock Lesnar’s Return at UFC 226

UFC heavyweight & WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar MMA
Brock Lesnar, UFC 200 post-fight press conference Credit: Dave Mandel/

It appears that Brock Lesnar will get the next title shot at heavyweight in the UFC. And Lesnar’s fellow professional fighters were none to pleased with his return at UFC 226, for the most part.

It was no surprise to see former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesar at UFC 226 on Saturday night. News that he’d turn up at the event broke over a week ago. What was surprising was that Daniel Cormier, after winning the UFC heavyweight title by knocking out Stipe Miocic, called Lesnar out.

More accurately, he called him into the cage. And when Lesnar made his entrance, he made a scene. Shoving D.C. as the two came together, there was immediately a scuffle, as security got between them. Sure, there’s a good chance it was a work. Lesnar is a pro wrestler and WWE star, while Cormier is a huge pro wrestling fan. Sure, there’s a big question about the legitimacy of having a retired/suspended pro wrestler challenge for the heavyweight title. Lesnar still has to serve out his suspension with USADA stemming from UFC 200, where his win over Mark Hunt was overturned to a No Contest.

That said, Brock Lesnar will get people talking. As will what Brock Lesnar said and did in the cage at UFC 226. Lesnar referred to the co-main event’s Francis Ngannou as s***. He called fallen champ Stipe Miocic s***.  He shoved Cormier, who came back with “push me now, you go to sleep later.”

“I’m walking into this building, and watching a heavyweight disaster from the beginning,” Lesnar said. “Ngannou’s a piece of s***. Miocic’s a piece of s***. D.C., I’m coming for you motherf*****!” Lesnar then threw the mic, hitting a camera and cracking its lens. That moment (with a fair amount of bleeps) will no doubt be part of an upcoming promo.

Here’s how the pros saw the return of Lesnar — and it wasn’t always pretty: