UFC 226 Results: Drakkar Klose Smothers Lando Vannata En Route To Decision

TUF 25 Finale Drakkar Klose
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Lando Vannata and Drakkar Klose went to battle on the UFC 226 prelims, and it was a convincing win for Klose.

Lando Vannata and Drakkar Klose are two fighters seen as prospects in a deep 155lb division, but have struggled as of late. After a great short notice performance against Tony Ferguson that ultimately ended in a loss, Lando Vannata has gone 1-1-1 since. Drakkar Klose. meanwhile, started his UFC run by winning his first two fights before losing to David Teymur last December. Teymur also defeated Vannata to start the year. The pair met at UFC 226 in Las Vegas on Saturday, in a fight seen as a must win for both men if they wanted to move along in a stacked lightweight division.

Round one was controlled by Klose, who set the pace. Knowing Vannata has a pension for slowing down, he attempted to attack the body and get in on the innovative striker, keeping ‘Groovy’ Lando from finding much success. With Klose hitting him with knees and elbows in the clinch, Vannata could not get his game plan going in the first round.

Throughout the fight Klose attacked Lando with a calf kick which limited his movement. The kick quickly become one of Klose’s biggest keys to success. In the second round he eased up a bit on his wrestling and showcased his skills a striker. Lando struggled there too shockingly, as many expected him to be the far more comfortable one standing. Instead, Drakkaer Klose seemed able to out-Lando Lando. Regardless, Klose showed plenty of skill on the feet in the second round, mixing in a number of attacks while deftly avoiding the spinning back elbow, a Vannata go-to in the fight.

The third round featured more success from Klose, who at one point was seen pointing at Lando’s bruised leg and laughing like a maniac. Vannata found one big moment of success when he took Klose down near the end of the round and got his back. Yet he couldn’t lock in a submission, and ultimately stood up hoping he could get the knockout instead. It wasn’t to be, and on the scorecards, the decision was clear.

Drakkar Klose def. Lando Vannata by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)