Pros React to Khalil Rountree’s Shocking Knockout of Gokhan Saki

UFC 226
UFC 226, T-Mobile Area, Las Vegas Credit: Farzin Vousoughian/Cageside Press

Whether or not he shocked the world, Khalil Rountree Jr. certainly shocked fans at UFC 226 with his finish of Gokhan Saki, knocking the kickboxing legend out in the very first round.

When it comes to the UFC, expect the unexpected. That was the case once again Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Opening up the UFC 226 main card action on PPV, light heavyweights Khalil Rountree and Gokhan Saki faced off. Saki, though just 1-1, was of course a legendary kickboxer, making a late transition to the UFC.

He’d won his first UFC bout, and was heavily expected to make short work of Rountree if their bout at UFC 226 stayed standing.

Well, that was the going line of thinking anyway. Rountree apparently didn’t get the memo. Instead of looking for a way to get the fight to the ground, the Ultimate Fighter product seemed more than happy to stand in the pocket and trade. And when he found his opening, he sent a straight left sailing up the middle, splitting the guard. It connected clean, Saki went sailing back to the canvas, and Rountree pounced. Some big, heavy hammerfists sealed the deal. Saki would try to protest the stoppage, but was clearly on wobbly legs.

What’d the pros think of the finish? Check below for their reaction!