Colby Covington on Tyron Woodley: Either He Runs Away, Does Rap Videos, or Lets Me Embarrass Him In Front of the Whole World

Colby Covington UFC
Colby Covington Credit: Karine LaRocque/

Newly crowned UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington isn’t taking his foot off the gas pedal when it comes to his biggest promotional tool: talking a big game.

At UFC 225 this past Saturday, Colby Covington utilized inhuman cardio and pushed a flyweight-like pace to defeat Rafael dos Anjos and capture the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship via unanimous decision. Covington has now won six straight fights in the UFC welterweight division, and guaranteed himself a unification bout with current UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley – which will most likely take place this fall barring  injury to either man.

Colby even laid claim to the President’s desk in his post-fight interview, and again on Instagram after the fight. Adding fuel to the fire, Dana White said at the UFC 225 post-fight press conference that he could make a visit to The White House happen.

This Monday on the MMA Hour Ariel Helwani actually told Covington that President Trump was aware of the new Welterweight Interim Champion, which caused Colby to invite the entirety of the Philadelphia Eagles to American Top Team in order to ‘teach them respect.’

When asked about his fight upcoming fight with Tyron Woodley, Covington was confident that the champion wouldn’t be able to keep up with his cardio: “He’s a two-pump chump. He won’t last more than two rounds.”

“No one wants to watch the human form of NyQuil” he said of Woodley’s performances.

Calling Woodley’s belt “fool’s gold,” Covington said of the possibility of fighting the champion that “either he runs away to Hollywood, and he goes and does these stupid back-up little rap videos in the back of stupid Wiz Khalifa’s things, I mean go listen to those, it’s like listening to a chalk board. Or, he lets me embarrass him in front of the whole world.”

For his efforts at UFC 225, Covington earned $380,000 ($350,000 in show money, $30,000 in fight week bonuses) and even though he was in one of the best fights of the night, performance bonuses for the night went to UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker, who won an extra $100,000 for his victory over Yoel Romero, and both Charles Oliveira and Curtis Blaydes earned $50,000 for their efforts on the prelims.

Woodley wouldn’t remain silent for long, as he immediately called the new interim champion out on various social media platforms:

“I’m going to try to hurt him so f****** bad they’re never going to want to let me fight in the UFC again, that’s a fact,” said Woodley on his Instagram live stream.

“Our sport has been so dead that (everybody) they want to believe in the hype,” Woodley added. So, it looks like Woodley vs. Covington will be quite the grudge match, then.


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