Battery Charges Dropped Against Cris Cyborg, Angela Magana Claims She Will Pursue Civil Case

Cris Cyborg, UFC Women's Divisions
Credit: Gleidson Venga/

Cris Cyborg is no longer facing jail time for her assault of strawweight fighter Angela Magana last year. Magana, however, does not appear willing to letter the matter slide.

Some good news for UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg: following her completion of an anger management course, battery charges against her have been dropped. Those charges stemmed from an incident at the UFC Athlete Retreat in May 2017. Cyborg assaulted fellow UFC fighter Angela Magana at the retreat, after taking offense to posts Magana made about her on social media. Magana was treated for minor injuries; Cyborg faced up to six months in prison.

However, thanks to the completion of a court-ordered anger management course, and staying out of trouble with the law, Cyborg is now in the clear, at least criminally. On her official website, a new story about the incident quotes her as saying that “The entire experience was a learning opportunity. After the completion of my Anger Management class, I feel I have gained additional tools which will help me make better decisions on how to handle the negative effects of online bullying and harassment within the work place.”

Cyborg went on to say that “I am glad to move forward from the experience and have already started to create a national anti bullying program which I hope will help others dealing with similar examples of online bullying to find positive outcomes while empowering them with the self confidence it requires to move past the experience.”

While the criminal case is now in the past, Magana (11-9) — who was released by the UFC in Decemeber after losing to Amanda Bobby Cooper, her third straight loss in the promotion — says a lawsuit is pending. “The lawsuit is still happening,” the strawweight wrote on Twitter Thursday.

It’s unclear if a civil case against Cyborg has actually been filed, or if it’s something Magana intends to pursue in future. The fighter resides in La Perla, Puerto Rico, which is recovering from the effects of last year’s devastating hurricane.


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