UFC Liverpool Results: Arnold Allen Scores Hail Mary Submission Over Mads Burnell

Arnold Allen UFC
Arnold Allen Credit: Michal Biel/Sherdog.com

UFC Liverpool’s main card featured a promising fight between two young featherweights in Arnold Allen and Mads Burnell. Both were looking to make a statement, but it was Allen who earned the stunning comeback submission.

Round one of Allen vs. Burnell at UFC Liverpool was a bit of a chess match on the feet. Arnold Allen looked to keep moving and use his jab, as Burnell attempted to move in so he could look for a takedown. At one point Burnell did get the takedown, but Allen got up and landed a big knee. However by the end of the round, Burnell once again secured the takedown and had Arnold on his back.

Round two started similar to how the first played out, with Mads Burnell getting the takedown and controlling Allen. Allen got back to his feet, giving up his back in the process. However he reversed position and got back off the cage. Burnell shot almost immediately after that and got the takedown, ending up in Burnell’s guard. Allen couldn’t get back to his feet, and Burnell ended the round on top.

At that point, it was clear Arnold Allen was behind on the scorecards. However, Arnold Allen simply didn’t plan on letting the outcome get in the hands of the judges.

Round three began with Mads Burnell shooting for the takedown. Before long, he had it.  Allen scrambled back up only to be slammed back down. Allen was able to constantly get back to his feet, but the problem was he couldn’t mount any offense. Burnell was on him and Allen just couldn’t get him off. Just when things looked particularly bleak, with time slipping away, Burnell shot in. Arnold Allen got him in a front choke, and stayed on it even as Burnell dropped to the canvas! With just over two minutes left, Allen pulled off the Hail Mary submission!

Arnold Allen def. Mads Burnell by submission (front choke), Round 3, 2:41

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