UFC Chile Results: KGB Lee Wins via Definitive Decision in UFC Debut

Andrea Lee
Andrea Lee Credit: Scott Hirano/Invicta FC

UFC Chile witnessed the debut of Andrea Lee, as she joined the UFC flyweight ranks. There, KGB Lee, as she’s commonly known, faced off against Veronica Macedo.

A fight that was no doubt extra important for the UFC women’s flyweight division went down at UFC Chile, as the young Veronica Macedo returned to action after two years. Meeting her in the cage was the debuting Andrea Lee. Nicknamed KGB for her blonde locks and Russian features (though she’s actually American, not Russian at all), Lee was coming over from LFA, where she was a flyweight champion. She also pulled double duty in Invicta FC, as one of the bigger-name fighters in the all-female promotion. Lee was looking to make a big impression, and put a stamp on her UFC debut in Chile, as she came into the promotion with lofty expectations.

The fight began with Macedo bursting forward, and Lee getting her in the clinch and landing some really big knees. The two then separated and traded a bit. The pair then got in the clinch again, and Macedo took some really hard knees to the body again. Lee slammed Macedo down, but Lee stepped out of her guard and elected have the fight stood up. Macedo landed a big headkick and Lee looked hurt! Macedo wound up in the clinch and got flipped.

Lee then got Macedo’s back and looked for the choke! Macedo escaped but Lee landed some ground and pound, as she looked for the choke again. Macedo rolled and surviveed to the second round.

The second began much like the first, with Macedo in the clinch with Lee, and getting flipped. She worked her way back to her feet soon after. The pair ended up back on the ground once more, with Lee in Macedo’s guard. Lee decided that staying in her guard was zero fun, and got back up, attacking her opponent’s legs. Lee forced a stand up, and Macedo looked to get Lee down, only to end up on bottom. Macedo looked for a kneebar, but couldn’t get it. Lee then used an arm triangle to get into mount, and that’s where the round ended.

The third frame began with Macedo having her back taken as she rolled. Again, she finished up on the bottom. Lee stood up and forced her opponent to get back to her feet. Lee pressed Macedo up against the fence, and was able to convert a takedown. From there, KGB Lee took Macedo’s back and landed some nice elbows. Macedo rolled through and wound up on top in Lee’s guard; Macedo went for a Hail Mary guillotine but couldn’t finish it.

Andrea Lee def. Veronica Macedo by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)