ONE Championship: Grit and Glory Results and Recap

Yoshitaka Naito vs Alex Silva - ONE Championship
Yoshitaka Naito vs Alex Silva Credit: ONE Championship

Grit and Glory, ONE Championship’s latest outing, kicked off a packed Saturday of MMA action in Jakarta, with strawweight gold on the line.

ONE Championship returned to Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday, kicking off a day brimming with action for MMA fans. Getting underway bright and early for those of us in the west, ONE Championship: Grit and Glory boasted a strawweight title fight between champ Alex Silva and Yoshitaka Naito. The bout was an immediate rematch, as Silva had captured the crown from Japan’s Naito earlier this year.

Also on the card, former middleweight champ Vitaly Bigdash, who lost his title to ‘The Burmese Python’ Aung La N Sang last year. Bigdash looked to work his way back to title contention when he faced Leandro Ataides. The Russian started his career in ProFC before jumping to ONE in 2015, and was a perfect 9-0 until meeting Myanmar’s Aung La N Sang for the second time.

Three straight submissions kicked off the preliminary card, which was capped by a ONE Super Series Muay Thai bout between Ognjen Topic and Stergos Mikkios. In the final prelim bout of the night, both fighters dumped the other in the opening frame. Ognjen Topic, however, began to pull away in the secound round. He was initiating the action, with Mikkios forced onto his heels. Topic controlled the clinch game, landed another dump, and it wasn’t until the end of the second that Mikkios was able to answer back. The third saw Topic clinch early, but Mikkios was able to return fire, and both men were swinging. Another dump for Topic followed; Topic was still initiating the exchanges. Mikkios then connected with a pair of strikes, showing he still had some fight in him. However, Ognjen Topic added in some stance changes as time wound down in the third, pulled off a couple more dumps, en route to a definitive win on the scorecards.

Eric Kelly vs. Tetsuya Yamada

Tetsuya Yamada had his jab working early in the opening bout of the Grit and Glory main card, which was contested at a 72kg catchweight. Kelly kept his stance low; towards the midway mark, however, Yamada managed to take the back of Eric Kelly off an exchange punctuated by a body kick and dragged his opponent down. Throwing a barrage of ground strikes, Yamada was looking for the finish. And while Kelly was able to fend off the ground and pound, a body triangle signaled it was time for the choke. The rear-naked choke followed, and Eric Kelly was forced to tap! That marked the fourth submission in four MMA bouts on the night to that point.

Tetsuya Yamada def. Eric Kelly by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 3:00

Victorio Senduk vs. Sor Sey

Right off the bell the kick off Senduk vs. Sey came a Thai clinch, but it wasn’t long before Victorio Senduk got the fight to the ground. Sor Sey utilized butterfly hooks to control Senduk’s posture, which created just enough space for Sey to get back up. On the feet, however, he was being backed up by the taller, longer Senduk. Senduk landed a glancing push kick to the face. A knee in the clinch. Sey was throwing hard but didn’t have his range. A left by Senduk dropped Sey briefly. Senduk landed a side kick to the chest, then a high kick, again forcing Sor Sey back. Frankly an action-packed round that was won by Victorio Senduk.

Round two picked up where the first left off. Senduk looked for the takedown up against the cage; when he couldn’t complete it, it was time to stand and trade. Senduk mixed in leg kicks, while Sor Sey was still throwing his right hand, but also, finally, mixing things up a little with combinations. Both fighters were beginning to tire as the round wore on; Sor Sey had his hands down, but he was still the one pressing forward. An exhausted Senduk found himself mounted in the final minute, covering up as Sey rained down blows, but the bell saved him.

Sey scored a leg kick early in round three, and a second one dropped Senduk to his back. Sey then attacked the legs of the fallen Senduk, but the ref rescued him, standing him up. Senduk landed a high kick that seemed to shift momentum in a hurry, but Sey soon battled back. Senduk landed a left, but Sor Sey then rocked him with a punch! Again, Sor Sey kicked Senduk’s feet out from under him. He worked to take the back, but couldn’t secure it. Full mount led to over a minute of ground and pound, with Sor Sey finishing the round on top dropping elbows.

Sor Sey def. Victorio Senduk by unanimous decision

Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol vs. Rome Trinidad

Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol was representing Indonesia against fighter, rock star, and model Rome Trinidad at ONE’s Grit and Glory on Saturday. Both women exchanged kicks early, with Trinidad looking to close the distance and perhaps work for a takedown. Lumban Gaol, however, captured the beck, looking for a standing guillotine. Trinidad was able to reverse, briefly escaping only for Lumban Gaol to snake her arm around the neck again in another reversal. She did not pull guard, however, instead going back to the standing guillotine. This time, however, she was able to drag Rome Trinidad down. Trinidad rolled on top, looking to pull free, but once Lumban Gaol had her in full guard, the choke was too deep. Rome Trinidad was forced to tap, and Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol had a huge win at home!

Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol def. Rome Trinidad by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 2:27

Sergej Maslobojev vs. Antonio Plazibat

Next up, heavyweight kickboxing action saw Sergej Maslobojev take on Antonio
Plazibat, the 2017 K-1 World Heavyweight Champion. It was the second time the pair had met, and it was Maslobojev backing up his opponent early. Plazibat unleashed a jumping knee, and both men tossed in some leg kicks and were hitting hard.

Round two saw Maslobojev hit home with his jab. Plazibat was able to land with an overhand right, and was looking to set that up over and over. The pair traded kicks, then jabs. Plazibat began putting combinations together, finishing them with leg kicks, uppercuts, and knees. Maslobojev got flashy with a spinning back kick, and then went on the attack, swarming his opponent and going to the head again and again as Plazibat covered up. If the first round was even or slightly in favor of Plazibat, round two was leaning towards Maslobojev.

Round three opened with a low blow that sent Maslobojev to the canvas, clearly in pain. Antonio Plazibat’s punch, aimed for the midsection, glanced off Maslobojev’s leg instead and landed right on the groin. Plazibat was given a warning, while Maslobojev was given time to recover. Back underway, Plazibat went on the attack, throwing in a front kick with his combinations. Sergej Maslobojev refused to back down, however. Both men were landing in what was a very even round to that point. However, as time wore down it was Maslobojev who turned it up, finishing strong. Hooks, knees, uppercuts, by the end, it was clear Maslobojev had the upper hand.

Sergej Maslobojev def. Antonio Plazibat by unanimous decision

Vitaly Bigdash vs. Leandro Ataides

In this middleweight title eliminator, Leandro Ataides pressed forward early, keeping former middleweight champ Vitaly Bigdash on the outside. Bigdash answered a keg kick with a kick of his own to the body, then a sharp leg kick as if proving a point. Ataides continued to control where they fight played out, however, cutting off the cage as Bigdash looked to land counters. The control of Ataides was the biggest surprise of the fight, and Bigdash remained on the outside throughout most of the round.

A spinning back fist from Ataides opened round two. Again, he was keeping Vitaly Bigdash on the outside. Bigdash unloaded with a heel kick, but Ataides was using stance switches to force Bigdash into circling to his power hand. He’d later clip Bigdash, but was unable to capitalize. The former champ, meanwhile, was launching single strikes and seemed to struggle to put combinations together.

Round three saw Bigdash strike first, while Ataides launched a jumping knee. Bigdash connected with a leg kick. Then another, and a third. The fourth kick, however, went upstairs. But it was Leandro Ataides finishing things off shortly after. Catching Bigdash with a superman punch, Ataides went for the takedown, moved to mount, and began unleashing the ground and pound. Right hand after right hand landed, and soon enough the ref waved it off!

With the win, Leandro Ataides earned a shot against middleweight champion Aung La N Sang later this year.

Leandro Ataides def. Vitaly Bigdash by TKO, Round 3, 2:41

Stefer Rahardian vs. Himanshu Kaushik

India’s Himanshu Kaushik was a sizeable underdog in the co-main event at Grit and Glory, and it wasn’t long before Stefer Rahardian had him down and took his back. With the Indonesian crowd cheering on their local hero, Rahardian sank in a rear-naked choke. It seemed like Kaushik was done, but he managed to survive long enough to force Rahardian to adjust his hold. Regardless, the finish came moments later as Rahardian again locked in a rear-naked choke, forcing the tap.

Stefer Rahardian def. Himanshu Kaushik by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:25

Alex Silva vs. Yoshitaka Naito

Alex Silva landed a leg kick to open the main event action at Grit and Glory, while ex-champ Yoshitaka Naito was light on his feet early. After a clinch by the fence, the pair did a bit of feeling out back in the middle, and Naito managed to back Garcia up. Naito would look for a takedown, to be stuffed, but he transitioned to the clinch and wrestled Silva to the ground from there. From his back, Silva looked to isolate the right arm of Naito for a kimura, but the round would come to a close.

Silva worked his jab, while it was Naito going to the leg of his opponent early in the second round. Silva answered back with a leg kick of his own, and as in round one, Naito did not check it. The Brazilian then changed levels and shot for a double leg, pressing Naito right into the cage. Silva switched to a single leg, but Naito was able to fight the takedown off with a whizzer. Silva, however, was not about to let go, but it was Naito sticking with the overhook and getting on top when they did go to the ground. Just a little later, however, it was Silva managing to get back in control and on top, but it wouldn’t last as Naito was able to make it back up. A roll by Silva took them back down with the champion on top, though Naito soon got in control and landed a few short rights.

Naito had Silva backing up and caught him right on the jaw early in round three. The challenger than caught a kick, and the two went to the mat, but it was Silva managing to get on top initially. Naito stayed on him, and quickly had back control. After yet another series of slick transitions Naito had the back, but Silva rolled out for a leg lock attempt. Back on the feet Naito get Silva in a headlock, and finished the round in control.

Naito again worked to get the action to the canvas early in the fourth round. He began landing short punches to the body, which weren’t doing a ton of damage but kept him active. Silva would finally get back to his feet ninety seconds in only to be dropped back down. Naito then went body, body, head with his punches, working from guard. He would later transition to the back, but Silva locked onto a leg for a heel hook attempt. Naito, however, broke free and unleashed a flurry of ground and pound.

The fifth and final round saw the pair trade early, then Naito shot for a single leg takedown. On the ground, Silva latched onto an arm, looking for a kimura. Naito fought it off; back on the feet, it wasn’t long before the challenger had a single leg, pushing Alex Silva to the fence, and dragging him down. Silva, however, managed to get on top with a guillotone, but it wasn’t in and Naito was quickly out and had Silva trapped against the cage. The grappling-heavy approach of Yoshitaka Naito was winning him rounds, and while Silva was able to fight him off again and again, he was kept from getting in much offense of his own. Naito took the back of Silva once again with a minute to go in the fight, and he’d finish out the round there as they’d go the distance.

Having gone to the judges, the verdict would come back a split decision — with two judges awarding it to Yoshitaka Naito, who reclaimed his strawweight title!

Yoshitaka Naito def. Alex Silva by split decision

Check back come fight time for results and a recap of the night’s action!

ONE Championship: Grit and Glory Results:

Main Card:

Yoshitaka Naito def. Alex Silva by split decision – for the ONE strawweight championship
Stefer Rahardian def. Himanshu Kaushik by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:25
Leandro Ataides def. Vitaly Bigdash by TKO, Round 3, 2:41
Sergej Maslobojev def. Antonio Plazibat by unanimous decision- ONE Super Series kickboxing bout
Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol def. Rome Trinidad by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 2:27
Sor Sey def. Victorio Senduk by unanimous decision
Tetsuya Yamada def. Eric Kelly by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 3:00

Preliminary Card:

Ognjen Topic def. Stergos Mikkios by unanimous decision – ONE Super Series Muay Thai bout
Radeem Rahman vdef. Tang De Pan by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 1:19
Elipitua Siregar def. Dodi Mardian by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 3:59
Riski Umar def. Doan Birawa by submission, Round 2