RIZIN 10: Horiguchi vs. McCall Gallery

Kyoji Horiguchi and Ian McCall, RIZIN 10
Kyoji Horiguchi and Ian McCall, RIZIN 10 Credit: RIZIN FF

Check out the best of the action from Sunday’s thrilling RIZIN 10, where Kyoji Horiguchi and Daron Cruickshank stole the show.

RIZIN 10 went down on Sunday, May 6 in Fukuoka, Japan — and it turned out to be a night full of surprises. Among them, a hotly anticipated main event between Kyoji Horiguchi and Ian McCall, two of the best outside the UFC, ended in just nine seconds. That was due to Horiguchi scoring a quick knockout over ‘Uncle Creepy.’ Earlier on, however, there were some shocks as well. Most notably, that would include Daron Cruickshank’s stunning head kick KO of Koshi Matsumoto. Cruickshank then flipped off his fallen opponent, something not likely to sit well in the mecca of martial arts (and its ideals of respect and honor) that is Japan.

Winning big on the night as well was Kanako Murata, whose eye was swollen shut by the end of her fight against Lanchana Green. Despite the adversity, she was able to sink in an anaconda choke to score the submission win.

You can check out highlights from all the action at RIZIN 10 below, courtesy of RIZIN FF! For full results and more highlights, head on over to our RIZIN 10 results page!

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