UFC Atlantic City: Aljamain Sterling Thoroughly Defeats Brett Johns

UFC Atlantic City Aljamain Sterling UFC 238
Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

UFC Atlantic City continued with Aljamain Sterling re-entering the win column with a well-rounded performance against the undefeated Brett Johns.

Aljamain Sterling was rangy to start the UFC Atlantic City main card bout, throwing side kicks and long punches. Brett Johns caught him with counter punches on the way in and Sterling shook it off. Sterling stung Johns with a straight punch then a body kick.

Sterling clinched up with Johns and went for a lateral drop, but failed to get top position. However, he was able to work his way to top position. Johns stood up and went for a single leg takedown and got it with around 10 seconds left. Sterling never let him take total control, and neutralized the position for the remaining time.

Sterling got back to the kicks to start the second round, then Johns landed a flying knee to the body. Sterling ate it and backpedaled, then Johns went for a takedown. Sterling successfully stuffed, then stood up, exited the clinch and unloaded on Johns. Combination after combination landed for Sterling, and Johns answered with two big hooks of his own.

Sterling halted the wild exchanges with a big double leg takedown. Johns popped up and Sterling held him against the fence until the referee separated them. Sterling continued to push forward and land combinations until the clock ran out.

Johns landed a big right to start the round, then Sterling answered with a body kick. Sterling landed a pair of leg kicks then shot for a single leg and got it on the second effort, taking the back of Johns. Johns stood up, but Sterling dragged him down again. Johns popped up, but Aljo was stuck to him.

The referee separated them, and Sterling went for a huge spinning back elbow. Johns landed but Sterling went right back to the takedown against the fence, but Johns stayed up. Sterling shot in and threw Johns down again to stamp the great performance.

Aljamain Sterling def. Brett Johns by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)