CM Punk Hints He’ll Be Fighting at UFC 225 in Chicago

CM Punk appears headed to UFC 225
CM Punk Credit: Dave Mandel/

It looks like CM Punk will fight again in the UFC after all, with the fighter hinting that UFC 225 is the date.

It’s been rumored for a while now, and where there’s smoke, there’s more often than not fire. Former WWE star CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) had been expected to get back in the octagon sometime this year. And all evidence pointed to an appearance in his home town of Chicago, which the UFC will be visiting in June.

Despite plenty of naysayers who feel Punk’s spot in the UFC is unearned, it appears the fight may actually happen. On social media Monday, Punk strongly hinted that he’d be fighting at the event when asked about his next appearance by a fan.

June 9 is, of course, the date of UFC 225 in Chicago. If Punk’s statement is to be taken at face value, he’ll be fighting at the event. While the UFC has not confirmed the news, it seems likely that if Punk is to fight again, UFC 225 will be the card.

Punk’s signing in 2014 turned a lot of heads in the MMA world. A pro wrestler who was a popular but controversial figure in the WWE, he had zero MMA experience other than training off and on in jiu-jitsu. Despite that, the UFC brought him in no doubt hoping to boost ratings. Punk eventually joined Roufusport, alongside Anthony Pettis, Sergio Pettis, Ben Askren, and others, but did not make his debut until UFC 203 in 2016, over a year later. His one and only fight to date ended in disaster that night, as he was steamrolled by the younger, more talented Mickey Gall. The fight ended in the first round, with Punk forced to tap to a rear-naked choke.

To his credit, Punk handled defeat gracefully, and stayed dedicated to his training. That said, it felt like the experiment was over. However, in recent months, no doubt because the UFC is once again struggling to produce stars, promotion president Dana White has been singing a different tune.

No opponent is known, thought fellow 0-1 UFC fighter Mike Jackson is a possibility.